Erotic Journal Challenge

October’s Erotic Journal Challenge: “Mischievous”

October’s Theme:


There are so many ways you can go with this month’s theme, and I don’t want to bend you or shape you in any way. Autobiographical fiction, diary/journal entry (just let out your feelings about the topic and how it applies to you), memoir-style poetry…the sky is the limit when it comes to genre – as long as this is a way for you to explore what is going on inside yourself and how you feel about this month’s theme in some way!

Optional Prompts

Have you ever done anything mischievous with or to your partner?

Is there anything mischievous you’d like to do?

Are you a naturally mischievous person – or would you like to be more mischievous than you are?

Remember…you DON’T have to follow the theme or prompts. They are simply there to provide guidance and ideas. And if you decide to follow the prompts, you don’t have to do them in any particular order.

If you have an idea for a theme or prompt, please let me know! I could always use ideas!

Click here for the general guidelines.

So what IS the Erotic Journal Challenge and how is it different from other memes?

Well, it began for me as a way to explore my erotic inner life and thoughts. More specifically, it was about asking the tough questions and reflecting on the places where I struggle in a way that might move me forward positively (since I often feel a little disconnected from that part of myself) and help me improve my erotic connection to myself and to my husband.

There are memes out there for fiction writing, and photography, but I wanted this to be more intimate. It’s a JOURNAL challenge, after all. Also, it’s an EROTIC journal challenge. So this is also about sexuality and intimacy and love and lust and relationships with self and others — EROTIC INTROSPECTION, if you will. Journaling is more about mining your own feelings about things. You aren’t writing an essay and you aren’t particularly concerned with your audience, unless you are using this as an opportunity to do some confessional writing. Focus on your emotions…your feelings…your fears…your questions.

If you are posting your writing on a blog, you can link-back to this post and use the badge so others can find your work. Read others’ posts, comment, share what you love! This is all about going inward, sharing what we learn, and supporting one another as writers and people. There is no round-up and no one will be selecting the “best” posts, so there is no competition here. But I’ll be sure to share your work on social media in some way.


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  • Jenna

    Hi Brigit

    I would love to take part in this prompt. I have been writing a considerable number of personal accounts (a surprise to me because I started this blog thinking it would all be fiction) and it would be fun to do a “Dear Diary….” style post. The theme of mischief is definitely one I have a lot I can share.
    I will prepare a post and link in. I am new to blogging so please feel free to point out where I am not hitting the mark. I have misunderstood some other prompts, but thankfully other bloggers have been very kind about sharing tips.
    Well, I am gonna get writing <3

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