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As you’ve likely noticed, I’ve basically been MIA for most of August and September; and while it isn’t unheard of for me to sort of disappear the first weeks of a school year as my priorities shift and wriggle and find their way into a new balance (or imbalance, as the case may be), I feel a bit guilty for sort of dropping my baby project in the water and letting it learn to swim on its own. Thankfully, it’s clumsily treading water.

I’m just barely starting to feel a sense of calm, but I’m still struggling with the technological aspects of my new situation. Since I’m now working remotely, which means being on a computer literally ALL FUCKING DAY, coming home to blog just hasn’t sounded like much fun, nor has the thought of it provided me the same sense of release it usually does.

I’m pretty much computer-ed out by the time I get home. And while I feel a bit guilty for not writing, I know that, for now, there are other priorities that take precedence: my marriage, my mental health, my family…

I do want to do a better job of commenting and sharing when it comes to these Challenges, though. I recently revised my weekly writing schedule in an attempt to create something that was reasonable and doable enough to fit into my life now that I’m back to work and going back to school (one more FUCKING thing that will be happening on a computer).

I’ll be committing to a lot less blogging, but I think I can manage Mondays (Mindful Monday/Lessons from the Mat), Thursdays (Erotic Poetry Challenge), and Saturdays (Erotic Journal Challenge). I’ll try to fit in an applicable meme here and there, too, as I still want to support my fellow writers as much as possible.

Since I’ve missed the past few prompts, I decided to lump a few together into this one post. I’m also switching my prompt day from Wednesdays to Thursdays, since it fits my schedule better.

Prompt for 9/2 – Haiku about a part of the body –

His muscles tighten
as my hand grazes his thigh.
It takes so little.

Prompt for 9/9 – A prayer in haiku –

On my knees at night —
the moon dips low to greet me.
A silent prayer rises.

Prompt for 9/16 – A haiku to your lover –

I have dropped your heart–
And now I must follow it
into the darkness.

Next week’s prompt it to string several haiku together to create a longer poem. I look forward to reading what everyone comes up with.

I promise to do a better job of posting the prompts on Twitter. I know how easy it is to forget without that reminder!

Click the badge to head to this month’s Erotic Poetry Challenge post for more information and to get involved.

I have been doing a decent job of keeping up with my #tinypoems on Twitter, and several of them this month have been kept with this month’s theme. Check them out and follow me @brigitwrites. My poetry tends to be a poorly veiled memoir, so if you follow it on a regular basis, you are likely to have a fairly accurate sense of my current emotional state and some of the more personal goings on in my life. You can find a link to my Twitter in the sidebar and a link to my #tinypoems in the navigation menu under Poetry.

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