Brigit's Favorite Things

Brigit’s Favorite Things #18

The Mystery Treasure Chest

A collection of personal posts, fiction, and images that stuck with me over the past week or so…I’ve mixed them up and left the names of the authors off to encourage a bit of adventure on your part. Just click and jump right in! Maybe it will be someone (or something) new to you!

Task 21: Capture the Pain of Clamps

Being His Doll – Sexdoll Humiliation Play

A Long Drive

Sex is Great, but…

I am Free

Submissive awakening

The Wizard of Oz

Some highlights from my own writing:

Brigit’s Diary: Baby, You’re a Firework

Fiction/Serial: The Disappearance of Emily Bennett

The Erotic Journal Challenge & The Erotic Poetry Challenge

I’m a bit concerned about my projects. I’m hoping that it is just the summer keeping people away, but I’m also wondering if maybe moving it to a monthly prompt makes it easier to forget. There is also the possibility that I have lost my writerly following to the recent sex-blogging fallout. Whatever the case may be, I’ll hold out for awhile longer. If things don’t pick up, I may let these projects go so I can focus my energy elsewhere.

For now, here are the posts of the week…

The Erotic Journal Challenge

Finding Inspiration

The Erotic Poetry Challenge

Moist Offerings

Fateful Temptations

Thank you so much to those who have joined in! If you are wondering about participation, use the links below…

The Erotic Journal Challenge

This month’s theme/topic is INSPIRED. The optional prompt questions so far have been What inspires you sexually? and What inspires you to write about sex?

The Erotic Poetry Challenge

This month’s theme is “Poems as Inspiration.” The optional prompts so far have been:

prompt 1 (7/1): “Wild Geese” by Mary Oliver – Maybe you’ll find a theme in this poem that resonates with you…maybe just a line or an image that you can build on…maybe it’s the title.
prompt 2 (7/8): “Harlem Dancer” by Claude McKay – If you’ve never challenged yourself to write a sonnet, maybe now is the time.


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  • Mrs Fever

    Re: your journal & poetry projects

    If you enjoy them, keep doing them. I think outside participation tends to wax and wane — I am personally pretty bad at participating in anything on a regular basis, but during the summer months especially — according to people’s individual writing rhythms, and right now, this summer in particular, the state of the world just makes things hard.

    So if you enjoy your projects, if you find them important to YOU, then please continue.

    Letting other people’s link-ins (or lack thereof) determine whether or not your projects are “worth it” puts the power in the wrong place. It’s your blog; you do what YOU want with it. You don’t have to explain or excuse what you choose to do; you are only responsible in that way to You. 🙂
    Mrs Fever recently posted…Ten InchesMy Profile

    • Brigit Delaney

      Thanks for the reminder, Feve. I know you are right. Sometimes I get caught up comparing myself to others, which is terrible practice.

  • Marie Louise

    Thank you Brigit! It’s always such a nice feeling to know someone liked a post of mine.
    I’m sorry the memes aren’t being partaken in much at the moment. Perhaps it takes some more time to rebuild now. But if it’s not worth the energy in the end, maybe it would be nice to just focus on things for you.

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