• Experience

    Lessons from the Mat: Floating

    Have you ever let yourself float on the top of moving water, in a pool or on the lake? I know some people who have grown up swimming on a regular basis might not get what I’m describing here, but for the rest of us…have you ever had that sudden panic feeling in your stomach when the water threatens to pull your body under or a wave splashes against and over your face? If you fight it, your body will sink. If you ride it, your body will just keep floating. For me, the pull and the splash are often too much to endure; I naturally fight it. And, as…

  • Experience

    Brigit’s Diary: Time to Discuss the Old Libido…Again

    (photo: maca root) Let’s see what the stats have to say (because we know those don’t lie, right?): How many times/days I masturbated in… January: 8 February: 6 March: 7 April: 11 May: 4 June: 13 (gee…quite the uptick) July: 7 so far… (headed for June-like numbers, people!) How many times we had sex in… January: 2 February: 5 March: 5 April: 5 May: 2 June: 1 (ouch…wtf?) July: 4 so far… (doing better, as we are only half-way done) What I’m getting from all this… What the holy fuck was happening in May and June? (Oh, yeah: the ‘rona.) Our sex life is abysmal. I feel horrible about this…

  • My EPC Responses


    I’ve been writing a series of #tinypoems on Twitter the past several days, and I think I will continue to challenge myself to do this. It’s a good early-morning-while-drinking-my-coffee activity to get my brain moving and my emotions bubbling. And it’s not so demanding or intimidating as committing myself to a longer poem (which can take hours…or days…or years, as the case may be). Here are the ones I have come up with so far: 1 I am drawn to his vibrance… burning from within is compulsory. 2 (haiku) The heat of your mouth upon my skin spreads like ink on a blank page. 3 Our bodies curve together like…

  • Opinion

    The Pros and Cons of Labels for Sexual Identity

    When I was in college, I remember studying the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis, the theory that language determines thought. The hypothesis explains that we must draw from the lexicon we have, adding body language and tone to fine tune the messages we intend to communicate. If this hypothesis is correct, then our thoughts are bound by our vocabulary. In other words, we can only think thoughts for which we have words. Now…I know we can encounter and think about things we have no words for, because even those things for which we have no words can be categorized with other similar things for which we do have words: Hmmm…that is round and…

  • Blogging & Writing

    Why I Blog About My Sex Life

    It’s supposed to be private right? Between you and that special someone (or at least between you and that FWB or one-night-stand). Not something you go blabbing about around the water cooler or publishing on the internet. But, many of us do it, anyway. So why? Why do I blog about my sex life for the world to see? Lately I’ve been really mulling over the why’s of this blog, as I continue to place myself among the multitude of sexbloggers and find my specific niche (because that’s how you best place yourself with the right readers…which is part of my “why,” and I’ll get to that in a minute).…

  • Brigit's Favorite Things

    Brigit’s Favorite Things #18

    The Mystery Treasure Chest A collection of personal posts, fiction, and images that stuck with me over the past week or so…I’ve mixed them up and left the names of the authors off to encourage a bit of adventure on your part. Just click and jump right in! Maybe it will be someone (or something) new to you! Task 21: Capture the Pain of Clamps Being His Doll – Sexdoll Humiliation Play A Long Drive Sex is Great, but… I am Free Submissive awakening The Wizard of Oz Some highlights from my own writing: Brigit’s Diary: Baby, You’re a Firework Fiction/Serial: The Disappearance of Emily Bennett The Erotic Journal Challenge…

  • Fiction

    Part 9: “The Disappearance of Emily Bennett”

    Part 8 The following morning, I woke to a note on my pillow: The property is yours to explore today. Get to know your new home. I’ll return for dinner. Yours, Ethan The offer seemed decadent, but upon further thought, I realized it was more likely an expectation that I know my surroundings. After all, that knowledge might be necessary for a later command. A light knock at the door preceded Tess’s unobtrusive entrance. This was only my second day, and already, she felt us natural a part of my existence as my skin. So very interesting how certain people could do that, just become what was needed without calling…

  • My EPC Responses,  Poetry


    She lies in sheets of cotton, warm and white, her skin attentive to the subtle weight. Newly awake, her thoughts are soft and light, no worries yet to mar her thoughtful state. Her fingers wander gently to her thighs, slow and hungry, snaking in between: heat. Knees spread petal-like, her back arches high, breath held, she readies herself for release. Fingers circle, separate, and ignite, as he watches roses bloom in her cheeks — body rigid with pleasure, muscles tight, momentarily, until their eyes meet. If nothing else, today there will be this: self-love shared is an incomparable gift. Masturbating for an audience is not something that makes me very…

  • Photography

    Delta of Venus

    This month’s Sinful Sunday prompt pushed me a bit. It took me quite a few hours to choose the film, and even longer to select the image. And then…adapting it to film poster style…well, that was the hardest part. But, I’m reasonably happy with the end result. And now, I’m a bit inspired to go back and read the book (which is, as we all know, always better than the movie — though this one wasn’t completely terrible). Wanna watch it? Click HERE. Here is the original image:

  • Experience,  Photography

    Brigit’s Diary: “Baby, You’re a Firework…”

    Do you ever feel like a plastic bag, drifting thought the wind wanting to start again? Our sex life has been super spotty as of late. Who am I kidding…it’s been super spotty for years. But, I’ve not been physically tracking it for years…only months. And here’s what I’ve learned. In January, we had sex twice. February: 5 times. March: 5 times (every weekend). April: 4 times. May: once. June: once. Stretches of 4 to 5 weeks at a time without sex. And while a relationship is more than just sex (or should be, imo), for him, sex is connection. And honestly, even for me (the one he dubbed “the…

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