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The Erotic Poetry Challenge: “Craft”

When I first started blogging, many years ago, I began with poetry. It was a way to clarify intense feelings and confused emotions. In fact, it’s how I’ve always navigated my complex mental and emotional reactions to complicated events. When I can’t seem to find simple, clear words to express my thoughts, I can often (ironically, I suppose) express them through poetry (which some find to be difficult to both write and make sense of). For me, poetry is a language all its own. Some can speak it…understand it. Others cannot. Which is okay.

Somewhere, over the years, I’ve sort of lost touch with poetry. I teach it. I write it once in awhile (when my insides begin to boil or I feel intensely lost…or found). And I read it on occasion. But, I want to find a way to make it more of a feature here on my site.

So…enter The Poetry Project. Maybe it will become a meme someday (though I’m not sure how many other bloggers are really interested in writing poetry…when I opened my blog up to linking during National Poetry Month, only one other blogger joined in, so I am pained in believing that poetry just isn’t much of a draw for most).

For now, it is a seed of an idea that still needs my protection and nurturing. My plan to begin is simply to write and share at least one poem per week. And I’ll see how it goes.

Here is the first of, hopefully, many.


You are
a careful editor,
punctuating my
untrained thoughts.

Your commas
curl themselves around
the curves of my words
(a parenthetical embrace),
always encouraging
a revolving door
in our conversation
with a well-placed question mark.

You omit semi-colons,
which unnecessarily elaborate
the unspoken.

You relying, instead,
on apostrophes –
to possess, with simplicity,
the object…
and always—
ellipses at the end,
leaving the window open

for silence…


  • missy

    This is a great project Brigit and I share many of the same feelings about poetry that you express here. Writing a poem, or indeed anything, everyday would not be possible for me but to write as and when is something that I would love to do. I hope that you will have me – when I show up that is.

  • Charlie X

    I’m in! There’s a couple of people I follow already writing and sharing poetry on an almost daily basis, so I’m sure the interest is out there.

  • Marie Rebelle

    I would love to join in, Brigit. I haven’t written much poetry in my life, but the is one poem that stands out, and it’s the one I wrote for my mom when she turned 50, telling her life story. I would like to try my hand at it again.
    To chime in with the other comments… I would go for monthly and a prompt 🙂
    ~ Marie xox

  • Sweet

    I dont write poetry as often now as I once did, but I will join in when I can. I’ll also point anyone I follow who writes poetry you way! 😊

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