Erotic Poetry Challenge

July’s Erotic Poetry Challenge: “Poems as Inspiration”

July’s optional theme is
“Poems as Inspiration.”

(scroll down for the weekly prompts)

Reading is a way to fill up the well of imagination, and so it makes sense that reading poetry would fill up the well of your poetic imagination. Seeing the way another uses language, breaks lines, uses rhyme or rhythm can help us to use those things in new ways, as well. Those poets become our guides, our models, and our muses. I might even challenge you to read a poem a day and see where that takes you! I often find that if I read a few poems, I am inspired to write one of my own. And maybe it will work for you, too.

It’s a broad theme…intentionally, because I want it to be wide open with possibility. If, however, that is TOO broad for you, and you need more guidance. I will get more specific with a prompt that will be released each Wednesday on Twitter (so be sure to follow me there!). I will also update this page as the prompts are released, so if you don’t do social media (and seriously, I don’t blame you), you will still be able to access the prompts.

Here are the basics:

The Erotic Poetry Challenge will be a MONTHLY CHALLENGE with an optional THEME and optional weekly prompts (just to give you ideas). But keep in mind:

–you can link-up when you want (one time or many)
–you can ignore the theme and prompts altogether and write whatever the hell you desire
–you do not have to be a serious or practiced poet – please do not feel intimidated by this prompt (every writer is welcome!)
–you can write any form of poetry you want…or make up your own forms
–poetry does NOT have to rhyme (just in case you needed to hear that)

The MONTHLY THEME will be fairly general. But I will provide a prompt each week on Wednesday, if you need it. You can write to each prompt and link up all the poems you write. Maybe one prompt will work for you, but the others won’t…and that’s fine, too. You might also just want to write your own damn poems the way you see fit (screw the theme and prompts – you’re a rebel…and that’s cool).

It would be nice if you could use the badge below and link back to link-up page; it makes you easier to find for new readers. And people who read your work might click on over and read other people’s poems, too (since that’s sort of the point of a meme, eh?). Commenting on other people’s work is also awfully nice.


Weekly Prompts

prompt 1 (7/1): “Wild Geese” by Mary OliverMaybe you’ll find a theme in this poem that resonates with you…maybe just a line or an image that you can build on…maybe it’s the title. Or maybe you like the poem enough to head out into the great wild that is the internet and read a few more by Oliver. Her poems are lush and delicious. And maybe you’ll find something there to sink your teeth (and pen) into. If you don’t like this poem or have another favorite, you can use it in the same way.
prompt 2 (7/8): “Harlem Dancer” by Claude McKayIf you’ve never challenged yourself to write a sonnet, maybe now is the time. This particular one has always been one of my favorites. I don’t remember when I first encountered it, but I remember clearly imagining this woman dancing with her “falsely smiling face.” Focus on the 5 senses to bring your images to life. Resources: How to Write a Sonnet, How to Write a Sonnet: A Guide to Writing Your Own Sonnet
prompt 3 (7/15):
Tiny Poems (click the link for more info)
prompt 4 (7/22):
Cut-apart poetry – take a favorite poem, cut it up, word by word, and put it back together to create your own poem. Literally find your own poem in the heart of another’s!

Remember…you DON’T have to follow the theme or the prompts. They are simply there to provide guidance and ideas. And if you decide to follow the prompts, you don’t have to do them in any particular order. YOU CAN LINK-UP ANY POEMS YOU WRITE, WHETHER THEY ARE ON PROMPT OR NOT.

If you have an idea for a theme or prompt, please let me know! I could always used ideas! Especially poetry activities that push me in new directions and that I can reuse when I need a little inspiration!

You can link up your poems all month (one or several). Link party will be open from today until noon on July 31.

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