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Establishing Your “Why” So You Can Determine Your “What” and “How”

I, and several other bloggers I follow, seem to have been sort of at a place of reckoning when it comes to our blogs…focusing on getting back to our “roots,” so to speak. But then, of course, you need to know what your roots were/are to do that. And maybe some of you have never even had those.

It occurred to me that I could apply to this problem the same logic I use in my field of work.

Establish Your Why

Ask yourself: Why am I writing/blogging?

Determine your What

Ask yourself: What will I do to achieve this purpose/goal/aim?

Determine Your How

Ask yourself: How exactly will I do this?

Here’s a great video I saw sometime last year that introduced me to this concept.

And I’m gonna just let that sink in. Because adding to it would mumble up the beautiful simplicity of this process. I hope it helps some of you as much as it helps me to return to this question on a regular basis in so many areas of my life.


  • PurpleSole

    With a lot of change in the world its only normal to reflect and think of why we are doing what we’re doing. For me I want it to be fun and to be of benefit to someone. I have discovered that it also allows me to grow, maybe that is a new focus of what I’m doing. Another great post 🙂

    • Brigit Delaney

      The main reason I started to write was simply the tell my story and connect with others. But I have found, too, that the writing (and connecting) does challenge me to grow in way I would not do otherwise

  • Jae Lynn

    This was perfect Brigit, thank you for putting this out there. The why, for me, is the most important piece, if I can’t answer that then the rest doesn’t really matter.

    I’ve made a couple big changes and the why was simple- I wasn’t having fun writing and that is important to me.
    The small changes aren’t really noticeable but they helped me with the what and how. 😊

    • Brigit Delaney

      I agree. Sometimes it isn’t too noticeable on the outside, but as far as motivation and organization, it means everything! I am re-focusing on my why currently, and the changes are happening slowly.

      • SassyCat3000

        I asked myself those questions. Wrote the answers down in my blogging notebook. The answers are no longer the same. As for me, I think I have run my course. It’s a good thing to come back to & reevaluate oneself regarding blogging/writing.

  • missy

    This is such a great technique Brigit and one that I use often with regard to a number of aspects of my life. I feel I have drifted a little re my blog and I have asked the question why for that as well. I wasn’t particularly proud of the answer I found and so resolved to get back to my original direction some time ago. Sometimes this can mean reasserting yourself and it can take time for others to realise and accept the change. Having a renewed energy about direction is really positive though and I am enjoying the wave of creativity that currently surrounds me as others are doing the same. 😊

    • Brigit Delaney

      A lot of people seem to be doing this right now. I’d call it a rebuilding. Sometime disasters are cathartic, and they shake things up enough to make people either give up and find something else to do that will bring them joy, or rebuild in a new and stronger way. It’s the people who do neither that never pull themselves out of the rubble.

  • Marie Rebelle

    With all that has happened in the past month, I have constantly been wondering where I want to go, how I want to continue with my blog, if I even want to continue. I think applying this technique once my head has calmed down a bit, might just bring me the answers I seek. Thank you for sharing it 🙂
    ~ Marie xox

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