Erotic Journal Challenge

Erotic Journal Challenge – “Relaxed”

I’ll be honest, I’m far from relaxed right now. But, typically, June is the beginning of the summer slow-down…a time when many of us find ourselves water-side with a cool drink in hand, catching up with our TBR piles, and BBQ-ing with family and friends. As it stands, those plans may not be possible for many of us.

However, after several months of being at top-stress-level, maybe you find yourself in a place where your are starting to fall into a routine, or things are getting less stressful. If not, maybe you wish that were the case.

For me, my state of stress vs relaxation has a lot to do with my mental health and my libido, so it directly affects my sex life and relationship. I’ve been working to capacity, and I’m finding it necessary to take stock and breath my way to calm, if only periodically.

We’ve stretched ourselves thin here in the Delaney household, and as a result, we are feeling it in our marriage. So, I am welcoming the longer days, the sunshine, and the light at the end of the tunnel that is the last day of school.

Here are a few prompt questions to help you navigate this prompt:

How do you relax? How do you relax your lover? How do you relax together?
Does your state of relaxation (or lack thereof) affect your sex drive?
What self-care have you instituted during the past few months of upheaval?
What puts your mind at ease?
What strategies do you use to calm yourself?

These are just ideas! Feel free to take it any route you’d like. If you have other ideas related to the theme, please share them in the comments so others might be inspired.

Remember, you can link-up as many times as you want during the month! Feel free to double up on memes, too. And if you have a past post that fits the theme, that works, as well!

And remember to link-back to this post and use the badge! Read others’ posts, comment, share what you love on Twitter! This is all about introspection, sharing what we learn, and supporting one another as writers and people.

There are lots of great prompts out there that you can blend with this one. Feel free to post something you’ve written for another prompt here, as well. I try to hit multiple prompts with my posts when I can, since I have a tendency to run out of time to write, but I want to support as many other bloggers as I can.


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