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Brigit’s Favorite Things #17

It’s been a long time since I did one of these, but I feel like it necessary to bring it back. There seems to be a lack of blogger to blogger support out there, and I feel like I have no right to complain about that if I’m not going to be part of the solution!

I don’t have as much time to read other bloggers’ work as I wish I did, but I try hard to comment on at least 5 different bloggers’ posts each day. I fail often, but I’m getting better at this. I’ve also recently changed up who I follow via email, so I’m seeing new material and getting to know new writers.

Please follow me on Twitter and I’ll do my best to follow back. I’m trying hard to diversify the content I read and support as many other writers as I can.

This week, my favorite things were…

“The Perfect Submissive” by Deviant Succubus – I love that DS has taken her sweet time getting through the 30 Days of D/s prompts. Each time she engages with one of the topics, I find myself nodding right along with so many of her well-written explanations. This one was no exception.

For me, a good submissive has a willingness to be human and to want to learn and grow in their role. Those are and should be the expectations I set up for myself. And that means that mistakes happen, but that they lead to an improvement of the D/s relationship and the submissive role. I think expectations need to be individual and need to fit the relationship and one’s own abilities. Not every submissive can be a slave. The same as not every Dominant can be a strict Master. It is about finding a fit, someone who compliments the sort of D/s role we have.

“Love is Saying the Hard Things” by Toy for Sir – I have always appreciated ToS’s vulnerability and honesty. This is one of those posts that really highlights her ability to lay her feelings on the line and be honest about her own strengths and struggles.

I could trace back my entire life and see that there were times I should have been saying the hard things and didn’t.  I could list a lot of reasons why I didn’t speak up.  While they sound like excuses, and perhaps they are, they are also valid reasons I had at the time.

“Immobilized” by Molly – I am often astounded by Molly’s photography. This image was just soft in all the right places and the mix of soft, creamy curves against the black leather restraints is perfection. A clear example of erotic photography.

“Lights Go Down” by A Leap of Faith – This poem is a wonderful example of how short lines and brief images can build momentum.

I didn’t know I wanted to know about milk bath photography until I read this post from Purple’s Gem…and now I’m ready to try! “Milk Bath Anyone?”


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