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Sinful (“Stay at Home”) Sunday

The last three weeks have felt like months — our routines changed, our lives contained between the same walls and windows, with very few expeditions in to the outside world.

I’m not a worrier, and I’m not under financial hardship during this “stay at home” order. I’ve had a bit of stress, trying to learn new ways to do my job and connect with people outside of my home. I’ve had to become even more conscious about work/life boundaries, now that people are contacting me via email regarding work around the clock. And, as a person who required routine to create momentum, I’ve had to establish new routines to keep myself and our home from caving in to stagnation.

Our first week at home, I pretty much did nothing. Not knowing how long the “stay at home” order would last and not knowing what the expectation for continuing work would be, I rested on my laurels and spent way too much time on social media.

Week two had me so busy with work, I often had my phone, tablet, and computer doing separate tasks simultaneously for more hours than was healthy. The learning curve was high, and trying to adapt what I do every day into a format that could be readily accessed and consumed by the audience I am beholden to was quite a challenge.

By the third week (last week), I was beginning to settle in…making sure to move every day, turn off my email at the logical end of my work day, go to bed on time, stave off my craving for a drink until after five, take a shower before noon.

This week is “Spring Break” (which is sort of laughable), and though I’m not going anywhere, I realize that I actually still need a break from all that has been happening for the last few weeks. I need to back away and accept that I’ve done the best I can do with what I’ve been given. I need to allow myself to do nothing…which seems weird since it seems like all I’ve been doing is sitting on my ass for three weeks. When I look back, though, at what I’ve accomplished, I’m pretty astounded at my ability to adapt.

Of course, I’m a natural introvert, so being cut off from the world hasn’t been catastrophic for me socially. I connect with my friends online and using apps that allow me to talk to them and see their faces in real time. And I make sure to call my family to check in.

I’m not working this week. And as a workaholic, now that work is at my fingertips all the time…on my phone, in my home office, and waiting…ever-presently in my email inbox, that can be a touch thing to force myself to do…harder in these circumstances, even, since there is no physical distance from my place of work.

Instead of work, I’m writing (which hasn’t been happening a lot since this whole mess began), reading, watching ridiculous television shows with my family, playing board games with my son, and spending some time learning new hobbies. I can’t go anywhere, but honestly, because of my Husband’s job, we don’t normally go anywhere for spring break, anyway.

This week is about slowing down. Because even though it seems like all we’ve done is slow down over the past three weeks, I realize that hasn’t really been the case. Mentally and emotionally, this has been a roller coaster for a lot of us.

We could all use a little comfort (in a cup and elsewhere) right now.

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  • Molly

    Hugs Brigit. It has been a major fucking challenge hasn’t it. I have enjoyed our family puzzle we are doing and playing cards with my daughter though but also have found that the days are kinda of all feeling the same and I am often confused by the day of the week. Also boobs definitely make everything better!


  • joolz44

    I feel lucky that my life hasn’t changed much. I think I’d have been exactly like you if I’d still been working. I’m glad things are settling down and that you have this week to catch your breath. You have amazing tits by the way xx

  • Cousin Pons

    Hi Brigit, lots of board games and bird watching, by me, on this side of the Atlantic. Your gloriously hot photograph is a great pick-me-up during these troubled times.

    • Brigit Delaney

      Ha! Thanks! I’m finding that these simple things are more important than ever right now. And having people to contact outside of my home is also imperative. Connection is ironically at an all time high.

  • Marie Rebelle

    We live in strange times at the moment, and my work has very much invaded my personal life too. Normally my laptop is only for writing and kink, and now it’s for work too and sometimes it still feels strange, even though I have now been doing this for weeks (starting halfway through March). Sexy image, Brigit. Maybe I should bare my boobs tomorrow during a video conference *grins

    Rebel xox

  • Bee

    I’m very lucky, my working days are no different if I’m at home or in the office, I just don’t spend four hours travelling. I do find it bizarre how quickly the weeks are flying by!

    It’s the evenings and weekends that are difficult, I miss seeing and speaking to my lovely friends and that is what I’m finding a struggle.
    Bee recently posted…All tied upMy Profile

    • Brigit Delaney

      I find that difficult, as well. Not popping in to a colleague’s room or going out for Friday drinks is taking its toll on my psyche.

  • Marie Louise

    I think what you’re writing here rings so true to the situation right now. It feels like everything has slowed down and stopped but as a result we have also been hit with a lot of things we were never equipped to deal with because we have never been in such a situation. I’ve been feeling like I need to do so many things but can’t do it because of the situation and I think maybe it is time to just give myself that break for a minute. Then everything else will start working naturally again, or so I hope!

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