Poetry Challenge 2020

April Poetry Challenge 2020

April is the cruelest month…

Well…for some, March has been, and April promises little respite. Many of us are in lock down, stuck at home, working from home, worrying away the hours at home. Others are first responders or essential workers out there exposing themselves to potential health hazards for the good of the rest of us.

For me, it’s been about finding a new rhythm. I rarely leave the house, but I’m working, some days, harder than I do when I’m actually at work. These coming weeks promise to slow their pace a bit, as I get used to the new expectations. I’m also forcing myself to do remote yoga classes each day (or most) and to do something fun or relaxing, to keep my sanity. As I spend hours a day on the computer for work, I’ve had little time for creativity, and even less energy for it. My libido has also taken a hit, but that too promises to improve as I fall into patterns and routines and learn to live this new way from home: working, homeschooling, housekeeping, and staying as healthy as I can.

As we go into April, which is National Poetry Month, my challenge is this (and you can join me, if you’d like): post a poem each day.

I’m also blending this challenge with the A to Z Challenge, which I’ve never done before. And I think I’ll likely pair these two challenges up every year, just for those of you who like to play along and plan a head.

I’m a little out of practice with poetry, but I actually started my blog, years ago, mainly writing poetry and little else.

If you need a little fuel or direction to help get you started (or keep you going), try writing a different form of poetry each day.

List of 100 Poetic Forms for Poets
List of Poetry Forms

NAPOWRIMO also has some prompts and support for writers of poetry this month. I don’t link my site with them, because I’m always afraid my regular content will get me banned (hence, creating my own sex-blogger-friendly challenge). Call it self-censoring, but I’m just not willing to get in a battle over content.

If you aren’t much for writing poetry, read a poem each day and share what you read (one of my favorite poem-a-day read alouds right now is Patrick Stewart’s sonnet a day – look it up on facebook or twitter).

Whatever you decide to be your poetic devotional for the day, it doesn’t really matter. Then create a category and link it here for others to access.

April doesn’t have to be the cruelest month…but it might just be the most poetic.

And if you can’t quite manage every day…that’s no big deal. One poem in your life is one more than you had before. And poetry heals…something many of us could use a bit of right now, I’m sure.

Go ahead and borrow the badge below if you like. I’ve tried to keep it as general as possible, so it will work for whatever poetry challenge you decide to set for yourself. And I’ve left my identifying marks off of it.

I hope you decided to join in some way. The world could use a little more poetry right now.

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