• February Photofest 2020,  Photography

    February Photofest Day 12

    This year’s theme is “Close Ups.” “The close-up says everything.” Marlon Brando I’m using a photo that is obviously from December…but it was such a good close-up and fits the theme so well. Plus, when cropped and zoomed even closer in, you can’t tell it’s from Christmas time. That’s the thing about zooming in. Sometimes, the big picture is lost…what is outside the frame is cropped. It’s that way with life, too. If we zoom in too close, we can lose sight of what’s really there. But the benefit is the we see what’s right in front of us more clearly. We focus in on that one thing. There’s no…

  • February Photofest 2020,  Photography

    February Photofest Day 11

    This year’s theme is “Close Ups.” “Look closer and you’ll see something extraordinary, mystifying, something real and true.We have never been what we seemed.” Zelda Fitzgerald This one is a little less “close up” than the ones I’ve shared so far…but I liked it…so I’m using it anyway. (Click the image to enlarge on mobile devices.)

  • February Photofest 2020,  Photography

    February Photofest Day 10

    This year’s theme is “Close-Ups.” “Everything’s uglier close up,” she said. “Not you,” I answered. John Green (Paper Towns) Ooohhh—-eee…that is an up-close shot…right down to the glimmer on my rose-bud and my broken nail. Yes, it’s art-y-fied….but it’s still quite obviously (?) a very close image of my clit. Say hello to my leetle friend…

  • Brigit's Favorite Things,  February Photofest 2020,  Photography

    My Favorite February Photofest Images (week 1)

    This year’s theme is “Close Ups.” “The world only exists in your eyes. You can make it as big or as small as you want.” F. Scott Fitzgerald Here are a few of the images I have loved this first week of February Photofest. There are so many wonderful photos to choose from, but these ones grabbed me and stuck with me… Mirrors & Laces – kisungura/My Controlled  Ascent (so very creative…this woman is a true artist with a camera!) Shape – Considering Cuntella (gorgeous curves in black and white…a very classic shot in beautiful lingerie) Noodles – Exposing 40 (I’m not sure wether to be hungry,  feel turned on,…

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