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    Sexy Slave – Ella Dual Vibrating Dildo

    I ordered the Ella Dual Vibrating Dildo from Bombex Novelities (via Amazon) because it was different from anything else in my toy collection, and I wasn’t disappointed. This is a fun toy that is well-made and easy to clean. Plus, it’s a decent price ($33.99). These are all things that matter quite a bit to me, as I’m not willing to spend a ton of money for toys when I’m not sure if I’m going to love them or not. In fact, in my experience so far, the more expensive toys have been rather disappointing, and I’ve found that you don’t need to spend a fortune for a good sex…

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    My Favorite February Photofest Images (week 3)

    Month-long memes can be tough to keep up with. I’ve struggled to come up with new content, and now that we are down to the last few days, I’m honestly running out of steam. It’s also tough to keep up with all the great posts from others who are playing along. I’ve managed to do it, but I have to admit that I am looking forward to the slower pace of March. I’ve had little time to actually write this month, as I’ve been so focused on the images. It’s fun to have a new focus from time to time, and it’s turning out that I will likely have a…

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    February Photofest Day 20 (Throwback Thursday)

    This year’s theme is “Close Ups.” “I’ve always felt that I wanted my work to be more or less open to interpretation and so even though some of the work has got people riled up, my attitude has always been I didn’t mean to offend you but if I did, fuck it, I’m not going to apologize.” Andres Serrano I’ve opted for a “throwback Thursday” image today. This is one of my favorite “Mr. D’s Sinful Sunday” photos. It fit so well with my theme this year… See the original post HERE. (Click on the image to enlarge on mobile devices.)

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    February Photofest Day 18 (& LiFE Week 57)

    This year’s theme is “Close Ups.” “When I’m on my own with my camera, taking these pictures, it feels as if I am in a room of my own, a self-contained world.” Patti Smith I just bought this new set and I absolutely LOVE it! It’s not often that I come across a piece of lingerie that really works. That’s both sexy and comfortable. And that my Husband likes. This one ticks every box. I can seriously wear this all day. I was worried about the string details. I thought they’d be tight and end up creating extra rolls, but they are plenty loose. I don’t have an affiliate relationship…

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