February Photofest 2020,  Photography

February Photofest Day 3

This year’s theme is “Close-ups”

“I don’t mind close-ups, I like them, but they’re kind of forceful – you see a lot, you get a lot of information in a close-up. There’s less mystery.”
David Duchovny

I feel a need to briefly introduce this image, only because I don’t make it much of a habit to show close-ups of my nether regions. I oscillate back and forth on my views about the types of photos I am willing to share on this blog. It’s not so much that I’m uncomfortable showing my cooch to the world…it’s more that I’m not sure it blends with the “classiness” I’m trying to portray on this blog.

But then I have to question myself on that. “Classiness”? Really? This is a sex blog, and I’m not really going for classy. Maybe it’s more the feeling that I won’t be seen as professional? Or a concern over skirting the controversial (and very personal) line between “porn” and “art”…because that’s what I’m going for here. But then, that’s rather silly, too, since this is a sex blog. So…I’ve decided to say fuck it, and there will be several close-ups of my cunt this February. No apologies…no guilt. Because, this is a sex blog…and my puss belongs here just as much as my words. It’s art if I say it is. (…and if I add a cool filter to the edit…)

(Click the image to enlarge on mobile.)

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