Time is Not Infinite

I do promise to get back to the sexy posts. As soon as the business side of my life is caught up (the “behind the scenes” of a sex blog is not always dildos and spankings), I’ll be able to settle in.

I’ve been busy setting up affiliate relationships, calendaring reviews, responding to emails, and basically figuring out the road map for this blog for a few weeks now. I’ve been working on getting a business license, organizing my podcast…and guys, it’s A LOT of work. For FREE. I mean…yes, I get a “good feeling” inside because I’m writing and producing content that people respond to, but I spend hours on this website. So, my goal this year is to set it up to make a bit of money. And anyone who’s doing it currently knows that this doesn’t come easily or quickly. This year, I figure, it’s all about setting it up. If I break even, I’ll be thrilled.

I also had to get really honest about how I spend my time. I only have so many hours in a day, and usually I hit the bed feeling like I didn’t accomplish enough. It also means I fall asleep dreaming of all the things I didn’t get done and all the things I need to do tomorrow. It’s a stressful way to live.

Every year, I get better at Desire Mapping, prioritizing, and managing my time. But this year, I really committed to time blocking. Yesterday, I wrote out all the things I have to do (work, appointments, sleep), all the things I need to do (exercise, family obligations, housework), and all the things I want to do (write, read, and have fun). I gave each category a color and added things to my google calendar. I was sure to leave some “white space” where I have no specific obligation.

In doing this, I had to admit to myself that I just don’t have enough time to write EVERY damned day. At least not during a regular work week. Sooooo….I pushed things around on the calendar like until I could find a schedule that seemed “balanced.” Not too much of any one color, and I managed to fit EVERYTHING in. It means I can only write Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays, so I’ll have to write content ahead.

I need to get myself in shape, no more using writing as an excuse to not workout (because, believe me, folks, I use that one quite often). I also need to read more because it makes me a better writer. And…I need to time to just hang out and do nothing.

I highly suggest doing a time-blocking exercise like the one I did if you are struggling with that oh-so-common issue of “not having enough time.” We all have enough of it. We just have to figure out how best to use it in a way that not only is true to our responsibilities but to our hearts, as well.

Here’s a quick guide to time-blocking, if you need a little more info: Time Blocking 101

And if you are struggling with determining your priorities, I suggest the book The One Thing.

I’m also re-reading Sarah Ban Breathnach’s Simple Abundance: 365 Days to a Balanced and Joyful Life.

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