Self-Service: The Art of Female Masturbation

Oh my, but aren’t there a hundred thousand ways to touch one’s self?!! I was thinking about this morning, as I lay in bed, and got to wondering… I know I have my favorite ways of pleasuring myself. The ways that just work quickly to “get the job done,” the ways that draw it out, nice and slow.


When I was young, this is the only thing I had, and so I learned fairly quickly how to use them adeptly for a quick, external clitoral orgasm. These were straight-forward and rather intense, but, they were all I really new before I had sex for the first time and realized the internal sensations that could be had. These early masturbatory sessions usually happened before bed or upon waking and consisted of spreading my legs to rub and circle my clit until it was swollen, then, with all my fingers rubbing in a circular motion and my legs extended, all the muscles tightened, I would build to a climax so intense I had to pull my hand away immediately.

After my first few sexual encounters, I learned to insert a finger at the same time as rubbing the base of my palm against my clit. The same circular motion would give my a new type of orgasm that was not quite as intense but much more satisfying, as I was clipping my g-spot, as well.

I could do this laying on my back, legs spread, closed, on my front, hips raised, hips pressing my hand against the bed. If I was turned on enough, it took very little to get me there.

Household Objects

Before I had access to sex toys, I found other things around the house that would work as “insertables.” Hairbrush handles, markers, really anything phallic that I could clean. I used these in conjunction with my fingers and hands, and even though they didn’t get me off by themselves (or really do all that much to hit my g-spot, given their shape and inflexibility), the concept of having something pushed inside of me, thrusting in and out, was enough to put me in a headspace that led me to get off.


I didn’t have my first sex toy until my mid-twenties. A friend gifted me a Hitachi wand, and the first time I used it I knew the thing was simply not for me. It was way too much for my sensitive parts and nearly sent me through the roof the first time I touched it to my clit. It basically lived in a box under my bed and collected dust.

I think it wasn’t until I met my Husband that I began actually collecting other toys. He bought me my first anal toys, and I think He’s responsible for buying my first vibrating egg. It cost less that $15, and it was my favorite toy for years (I must have burnt through at least 3 or 4 of them). I could control the speed of the vibration back and forth on the remote with one hand and guide the egg up and down my slit, focusing on my clit with the other. I found that if I placed the egg between my clit and vaginal opening, pressing firmly while keeping my legs taut and squeezed together, I could achieve both a clitoral and internal orgasm. And seriously, folks, it worked in less that a minute or two most of the time.

I have a lot of new toys now. But of these, the only ones that I use on a regular basis are my standard old blue vibrating dildo (nothing fancy, just a silicone dildo with one vibration mode a speed control knob at the base) and the Youyi vibrating rabbit. I don’t like to have to think a lot or change things up while I’m pleasuring myself. I really just want to enjoy the feelings and temper or increase them at will without a lot of effort. With the standard dildo, I mostly still just use it clitorally, with some pressure between the clit and the vaginal opening for a nice internal and external release. It’s still quick and effective. If I want to spend a little more time, and practice squirting as a bonus, I’ll use it internally, with my legs spread. The faster I thrust it in and out, and the deeper, the more likely I am to squirt when I pull it all the way out. This doesn’t usually get me off, though. Unless, I have some clitoral stimulation, I’m probably not gonna come.

The Youyi rabbit is a different animal altogether, and it’s the first time I’ve found a toy I was willing to put the time and effort into because the payoff is totally worth it. It takes me longer to orgasm with a toy like this. The necessary technique is completely different than my normal. I can use this laying down on my back, sitting up, squatting (which is, surprisingly for me, the most effective and overwhelming). The fact that this toy stimulates my clit and vibrates directly against my g-spot allowing me to do nothing by sit back and enjoy makes it my new best friend in the toy department. But it does take a little longer for me to get off…and it is a little louder, so I tend not to use it unless I am home alone.


Since we’ve moved into our new house, I have learned that the jets on my indoor jetted tub do a rather bang up job of getting me off. I’ve never been one for the shower head or the bath tub faucet. It’s never done enough for me, but these jets, though a bit overwhelming definitely do the trick. Either on my back with my legs spread, pussy pressed up close against the jet, moving subtly to occasionally decrease the intense pressure, or on all fours with my booty pressed up against the jet, pelvis undulating to get just the right aim, this is a very quick and intense way to get off.

But we all have our ways, eh? Different bodies, different minds, and different experiences mean different recipes are necessary. So, how do you get off?


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