Refilling the Lingerie Bins with Things I Love

(I just missed the Lingerie is for Everyone link-up…darn time zones!…but I’m going to post this anyway!)

Over the past few months, I’ve been working on refilling my lingerie bin with things that I actually love. Things that are pretty, comfortable, flattering, and affordable. It’s a stupidly difficult task.

It’s very easy to find pretty things. But they are rarely (for me) comfortable or flattering. And very often, the prettier the thing…the more expensive the thing.

It’s also quite easy to find comfortable things. But, I don’t always want to look like I’m wearing undies that are the equivalent of my favorite worn out t-shirt and sweats. Not sexy.

And, when I find something pretty, I want it to look just as good on me as it does on the model…or the hanger. No added lumps and bumps and accentuated “muffin tops” for me, please!

So…when I find a style I like, I tend to buy it in every color. In the past few months, I’ve found two sets like that from Adore Me. Pretty, comfortable, flattering, and affordable. $39.95, size 40C/1X. I’m not usually a fan of bikini style panties. They aren’t the most flattering for my shape and they tend to ride up in the back, but I’m okay with these.

I prefer hipsters, as they stay put in the back and seem to be perfectly made for my ample hips and behind. They also accentuate my waist and don’t dig in, so I don’t end up with the dreaded “muffin top”.

This particular set comes in a few different colors. Not all of them are still available in my size, but I plan to get the ones that I can. This set is not a color scheme I would normally buy; I’m usually quite boring, falling back on black and white and grey. But, I was drawn to this set because it was vibrant and so different from what I normally wear.

To me, though lingerie has a distinct and functional purpose, the real power of it is that it can make us feel sexy and feminine. This set does that for me. It’s not my norm, and it reminds me that sometimes we need to break out of our routines and comfort zones and try new things…because new things aren’t always scary…and change isn’t always bad.


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