A “30 Days of Yoga” Challenge You Will Love!

And you can start today!

This is not an affiliate of mine…though I would love for it to be and will be working on it this month. I’m never sure how non-sex-related companies and organizations will feel about having their brands shared on a sex blog like this.

Anyhow…the 30 Day Program starts today (she does a new one every January to challenge us to get back to the mat). Adriene is a great yoga instructor (and her dog is adorable – wandering around as he pleases in the background). It’s all very down-to-earth and made available for every level of yogi. No need to feel intimidated if you’ve never done yoga before.

This year’s January “jump start” 30 Day Program is called “Home,” which I love, because aren’t we all pretty much always on a journey home, within ourselves?

Here’s the welcome email I received, if you’re interested in joining in. The practices are each less than 30 minutes.

(You can buy a membership to her “Find What Feels Good” website so you can access all of her videos, but there are tons that you can access for free straight from her youtube channel. I find her to be one of the most personable yoga instructors on the internet.)

Hello Brigit,

It is my sincere honor and pleasure to WELCOME you to HOME – A 30 Day Yoga Journey. 

I am excited to share this experience with you! 

An offering for both mind and body, this unique 30day yoga program is designed to help you cultivate a deeper and more meaningful relationship to your body and to your unique essence. 

Yes, I wrote unique essence, but please, trust me. Stick with me. Grab my hand. 

Read on, dear one. 

Throughout the series, I offer prompts for meditation and modifications for beginners to intermediate and advanced yogis. 

HOME invites you to become more alert, more aware, and more willing to experience the profundity of your relationship to your self. 

This experience is designed to read like a good book. You wouldn’t want to skip a page or jump a chapter. It welcomes you to take things one day at a time, recommit time to be with your full self. 

Build strength, shed weight, get clear, beckon growth. 

Return home. 

We are so happy that you are IN. 

Get ready. The perks of a regular athome yoga practice are plenty! 

Transform tired energy into useful energy. 

Resolve patterns of stress. 

You’ll get a workout, you’ll gain loving awareness. 

Be prepared to not only see but feel massive results.

These practices offer you the OPPORTUNITY to not only get fit… but to listen to the yearning. 

Over the years, I’ve noticed that while we may show up to make changes in the body or mind, our practice always affords us that special moment to ask… what is in your heart? 

By simply asking the question you open up a world of possibility. 

A world in which you can connect you closer to your meaningful contribution to society, and one in which you have everything you need to serve your loved ones, your neighbors, your friends, random animals you see at the park. 

This project is packed with potent invitations to return to what matters most. Some are out in the open, some are hidden and you have to find and uncover. You have to show up. You have to trust. 

The hardest part is showing up.

I am sending along some simple information to support you and help you kick this thing off in a way that feels good.

The first video will upload on YouTube for Jan 1st.

This is a free day. A day to settle in, reset, organize, recover, whatever it is you need.

This video can be viewed in bed, on the couch, or on your mat. Your Day 0 video is an important one. I share some tips to support you on the journey. We close it by taking a moment to simply breathe and lean in. This is what it is all about. Some days you won’t have time, or energy… show up anyway. You can always just sit there and breathe. (Like Benji!)

Videos will upload on the Yoga With Adriene YouTube channel each day at 12am Central Texas time. (Yeehaw!)

I am aware that we have folks practicing in different time zones across the globe. After many years of experiment and consideration of time across the divide, we discovered that this the best time for many reasons. So I invite you to work with it and celebrate the incredible fact that you are practicing with so many awesome humans (and pets) all around the world.
In order to highlight this incredible opportunity for connection, understanding, and togetherness, we have created a “room” in our Find What Feels Good Community (FWFG Kula) just for HOME. It’s free. It’s also free of ads and your great aunt Martha’s commentary.

Sign up and log in to the FWFG Kula to join this designated online room/hang out to track your progress and receive support and accountability. We usually have some good laughs too. Plus, it’s tradition now that I post at least one naked picture of Benji.

If you are healing from an injury or new to yoga – you can do this program. You will just need to modify, as will every single one of us at some point on the journey.

The practices in this program are absolutely suitable for pregnant women with the use of some mindful modifications. Avoid twists and core work and always ask your doctor for advice based on where you are in your pregnancy. I advise that when in doubt, you supplement your twists and core work with slow and loving breathing.

Have questions about HOME? Visit this FAQ page!

Here is your free HOME calendar with the run times for your practices! Download it, share it, print it, draw on it. Follow along!

Okay, anything else?

  • Subscribe to the Yoga With Adriene YouTube channel. This is huge. This is the #1 way to support this free yoga project and the work we do all year long. I am very grateful for your attention on this matter because I see it as a contribution. Together we keep this channel thriving in service of ourselves and one another.
  • Everything is more fun with friends! Invite everyone you know? Don’t be shy. It could be the invitation of a lifetime. Also, it’s free.
  • Use the hashtag #YWAHOME to share your experience.

You can do this.

We can and we will.

We are already on our way.

Homeward bound.

More to come. I look forward to it.

With Love,


PS: Traveling without signal? Want the series for downloadable keeps? Visit the downloadable collection of HOME here. You can purchase the downloadable collection for a donation. So, just pay what feels good.

(This is my first “Lessons from the Mat” post of the year, and yes…it is a day early – I will normally post every other Thursday – but I didn’t want to hold out on you as you may want to start this program TODAY!)

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