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The Desire Map Planner: Put Your Soul on the Agenda

I’ve written about The Desire Map before, but as I just joined Danielle Laporte’s affiliate program, I wanted to take a moment to explain the product and why I support it. 

I’m pretty choosy about the advertising I’m willing to do. From the products I test and review to the company’s I work with, I choose to support only those that fit with my own interests and values and will likely meet the needs and interests of my readers. So even though this is a sex blog, and even though this planner program (and related products) are not sex-related, I think these products belong here because they encourage introspection, goal-setting with your soul and deepest desires at heart, and planning carefully to meet those goals by doing things that help you feel the way you want to feel.

It’s a different sort of planning, and since I started doing it, I’ve been prioritizing self-care and making more space in my day for the things that matter. I’m not perfect at it, by any means…this sort of thing is an ongoing process.

The planner might seem expensive ($50), but the true beauty of it is that it comes with a subscription to the planner program ($45). So, basically the planner is nearly free. The gold of this program is the workbooks that help you to discover and name the way you really want to feel and then begin to set goals that are in line with those feelings. (There is also an audiobook of The Desire Map Experience, if you’d rather listen while you commute. This is how I did it the first time.)

It’s amazing and freeing to watch things just fall off your to do list as you realize, through the workbook process, that they just don’t jive with your real desires.

And it’s not a one time process. It’s something you can come back to and reconsider. Handily, once you’ve downloaded the materials, you can used them as often and whenever you like. I like to do it at the end of the year as I set up for a new one.

The 2020 Planner Collection can be viewed HERE. You can even download a sample, if you aren’t ready to commit.

I chose the weekly layout, because I like to see my whole week at a glance. But you can get the daily layout if you prefer more space to write. I’m finding that I may need to go back to that, though it’s probably a good thing that the weekly layout forces me into prioritizing and not creating lengthy to-do lists.

I especially appreciate the weekly reflection pages and monthly check in. I also receive a weekly email that encourages me to focus in and be a little more reflective about my planning, ensuring that I put my time and energy into the things that really matter most.

Month Calendar
Weekly Pages
Weekly Reflection
Monthly Reflection

The program that comes with the planner includes three digital workbooks:

Free & Clear – “Your year-in-review. Reflect on what fueled or drained you, what flopped and what soared. Take what you want forward and release the rest. This is a fun start.”

Goals with Soul – “Knowing how you want to feel is the most potent form of clarity you can have. You’ll identify 4 or 5 Core Desired Feelings to use as your planning guidance. This is poetic and deep.”

Core Desired Feelings – “Rooted in your Core Desired Feelings, choose goals/intentions for the coming months. Goals with Soul, babe. This is strategy time.”

You also get to sign up for weekly planner support and monthly (digital) reflection workbooks sent to you via email. For anyone who has trouble staying committed to things, this is pretty invaluable support. It makes it harder to give up on it when you have someone reminding you on a regular basis that your plans and goals matter.

So, if you’re still looking for a great planner (they even have a digital version, too!), this might just be your holy grail!

(Remember…I get a kickback if you use my link!) So if you decide to order one of her products – and there is more than just her planner program – please do me a favor and click one of the images below:


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