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Super Fun Little VēDo “Ayu Finger Vibes”

I’m very much enjoying upping my toy game. Building my toy box and finding out what I like and what I don’t (and sharing it with you all) is quite exciting. I have a tendency to unbox the toy on my own, plug it in to charge it up, and then use it the first time with my Husband. I follow this up with a few more test drives on my own just to see how far I can take it.

Not too long ago, HotCherry contacted me and allowed me to pick three separate toys to try out and review. I’ve already reviewed the Simplicity Rabbit G-Spot Vibrator (which I loved), and now, it’s on to these fun little guys: the VēDo “Ayu Finger Vibes.” I must say…they are small, quiet, discreet, and effective.

Head HERE for their product description.

Product Overview
(from the website)

  • Set of 2 premium silicone mini finger ring vibrators
  • Designed to fit the tips of fingers for solo or partnered use
  • Pin point stimulating vibrations, direct to clitoris, nipples or penis and perineum for added or complete solo and shared excitement
  • Set of 2 gives an exceptional solo performance, or each partner can have one or more each to heighten shared arousal and climax
  • Fully waterproof and submersible, lets you take your buzz into the bath, shower and beyond!
  • Two batteries per ring included, along with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty

Product Details
(from the website)

Total Length: 1.57 inches
Diameter: 0.59 inches
Girth: 1.85 inches
Product Weights: 2.08 oz.


Flexibility: Firmly flexible
Material: Silicone
Color: Pink, black
Texture: Smooth
Waterproof: Yes, submersible

Additional Info

Controller Type: Push button
Shape: Ergonomic ring
Power Type: 2 x button cell batteries (1 for each, included)
Powerful: Yes

Cost: $20.99

In a nutshell, I really liked them. They work as clitoral vibrators. I used a single one to tease the clitoris, but two together (one on either side of my clitoris – was more effective). Even better? Putting one on my forefinger and one on my middle finger and then pressing one against my clitoris while inserting the other into my vagina, hooking it upward, and pressing it against my g-spot. Yowsa! It made for a quick orgasm. Even though the product description claims it is only for surface use, I can tell you that it works just fine inside. They are completely waterproof, so they work in the shower or bath, as would be expected.

They are pretty tight around my fingers, so I wouldn’t suggest these for someone with large hands. Of course, they’re stretchy, so anyone could make them work for awhile – before they fully cut off your finger circulation.

The battery is an LR41 (equivalent 384/392B). I’ve used the vibes about 5 or 6 times, and one is already out of battery life. I’m pretty quick to come, so I can say that the battery life isn’t stellar. I looked them up on Amazon, and I can buy a pack of 30 for less than ten bucks.

The guide that comes with them isn’t great. I had to figure out how to replace the batteries on my own…not that it was terribly difficult, but…

It’s a very simple toy. No bells and whistles. There’s only one speed and one vibration pattern (constant). And, honestly, I like that. It gets the job done. You just push the button, it buzzes, and there you go!

I give this one 4 stars out of 5 (namely because of how quickly it eats up batteries). I am especially appreciated of how quiet they are, and am more accepting, as a result, of the lack of power or intensity. A less sensitive person, or someone who prefers a traditional massager-style vibe with the highly intensive vibrations, would likely be disappointed. In fact, this would probably be like an annoying mosquito to someone like this. But for me, as I’m highly sensitive and off-put by the more intense vibrators, this is just fine.

Cleaning suggestion: Take the battery pod out of the toy and clean the silicone portion and battery pod separately. Leave them out to dry completely before reassembling.

Check out Hotcherry

According to Their Website, What Makes HotCherry Different?

At HotCherry our customers’ satisfaction is our #1 priority. To do this, we offer fast, discreet shipping, which is free on all orders over $59. We also offer best in class customer support to ensure you are satisfied with your order. If (for whatever reason) you are not fully satisfied with your order, contact our customer service and we’ll get back to you within the next 24 hours. You can also check out our return policy for details and options applicable to your case.

We sell adult toys from top brands across a vast variety of categories including: vibrators, dildos, male masturbators, anal toys, and many other sex toys. While we continuously update our catalogue, HotCherry relies on our customers’ options and feedback to decide which brands we should carry. This means; if we see a growing number of complaints for a brand or product line, we will discontinue selling it on our website.

I would endorse this company…and I plan to order from them in the future. Their selection is wide, and their prices are competitive. I appreciate the fast, discreet shipping, as well.

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