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My Top 10 of 2019

I’ve pretty much stopped doing #SoSS. Even though I love what others are doing with this, and I fully support the premise of “sharing our shit,” I have a difficult time keeping up with it. Instead, for 2020, I’ve promised to share posts more often on twitter under my #coffeerotica (a.m. – reading with my coffee) and #winerotica (p.m. – reading with an evening cocktail) hashtags. It’s my way of supporting other writers in a way that is more feasible for me, time-wise, and one that I am more likely to do more often.

I also felt like jumping on the bandwagon and creating a Top 10 of the year post. And since I obviously love creating badges, I made one of those, too (go ahead and use it if you like).

I realize that this can sort of be an “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine” kind of writing community. We sort of start circling back on each other, and I find that I spend most of my time reading the blogs of those who read and comment on mine. Maybe we even create sort of an echo chamber. But…I’m still gonna do this, because these bloggers deserve the credit of being SO GOOD I just keep going back over and over.

I find that there is definitely a type of blog I enjoy most. I am drawn to those that do a lot of personal posts and offer up raw narratives filled with emotion and reflection. I ended up with the blogs of 10 women, though I am not sexist here. There a few blogs run by men that I love, but they are either too new (like Michael Knight’s Dom Signs – which is a sure contender for next year) or they don’t post very often (like Jack of Friskyinthe916). In all actuality, I’d love to read more personal narrative blogs from men, because it helps me to understand things from their point of view. Because they teach me so much about non-monogamy and new ways of being and loving, I also really like Mx Nillin, HisLordshipUK, and Purple’s Gem but I still went with the blogs listed below because they consistently resonate with me on pretty much every level:

Pieces of Jade, Love, Violet, Floss Does Life, and E.L.Byrne (along with her 2nd site Lustitude) teach me a lot about polyamory and non-monogamy. I so want to wrap my head around this, and these lovely women make it seem so natural and right, exploring the complexities and difficulties as well as the benefits and gifts that loving multiple people can bring.

I am simply in awe of the sheer volumes of high quality writing the Floss puts out. I only wish I could produce as much as she does.

submissy, sweetgirl’s journal, and my controlled ascent often feel like sisters from other mothers to me. So much of what they write about feels like something I could have written myself. I love reading their personal posts as well as their amazing fiction. And their photos are simply amazing…each and every time! One of the reasons I stopped doing #SoSS posts is because nearly every time, I was just highlighting the work of these two writers. And even when I tried to branch out, I still felt myself compulsively wanting to share their work – which, of course, I still will! They deserve it, after all.

Mrs. Fever of Temperature’s Rising just makes me laugh continually, and her writing is utterly beautiful. Her poetic style and original way of seeing things and expressing them just amazes me pretty much every time!

The new blog of the year for me is Rantings of a Nonsensical Mind. Like the blogs of submissy, kisungura, Violet, and sweetgirl, I find her posts to be honest and open and vulnerable in a way that makes me feel like I’m sitting on the couch right next to her sharing a drink.

Mainly it is that which I love so much about all of these bloggers. They make me feel connected to them by letting me in. I feel invited into their lives. And I try my best to emulate that same thing with my own blog, even though sometimes I struggle with that sort of honesty and vulnerability.

My final selection is likely to always be at the top of my list, as she is my blogging goddess. I’m speaking of Marie of Rebel’s Notes, of course. If it weren’t for her, I honestly would not be blogging today…at least not in the way that I am. Her meme (Wicked Wednesday) was the first I ever wrote for. It is the thing that pushed me into the sex-blogging community and open my eyes to the possibilities of what my blog could be.

There were a few others who almost made this list, as there are so many great sex-bloggers – and the list is growing (which is excellent!). It’s hard to keep up with all the new talent. But, I try to follow as many as possible.

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