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My most popular posts of 2019

Looking to find some great posts you might have missed? New to the blog and wondering where to start? Here are my most read and commented on posts of the year (and all time).


Shadows & Shyness
A Proper Tit Drop

Personal Experience:

Processing Emotions about Polyamory
Sexiness is a State of Mind
All of Me


The Storm
I Lay Beside You


14 Qualities of a Good Dominant
Know Your Audience, Your Craft, and Trust Yourself
What’s in a Name? (How D/s Labels Can Help Us Find Ourselves

All Time Favorites from the Blog:

Processing Emotions about Polyamory
Charlie’s Bar (fiction)
Naked in the Rain (fiction)

I have a total of 771 published posts on this blog as of today. 

# of posts by month this year:

Jan – 43 (January Jump Start helped with this, but I’m also usually in a better head space in January)
Feb – 50 (February Photofest helped with this)
Mar – 21
Apr – 37
May – 32
Jun – 16
Jul – 22
Aug – 10 (the beginning of my hardest time of year, mentally)
Sept – 19
Oct – 16
Nov – 3 (ouch! what happened there?)
Dec…so far – 14

I’m going to do some work to combat those months that I typically write less. I know there is nothing wrong with taking a step back, but honestly, this blog is a litmus of my emotional and mental state at any given time. When I’m not writing, things aren’t right. And when things aren’t right, I’m not writing. The two go very much hand-in-hand. So this year, I’m planning to do some sort of challenge during my hardest months. November was my worst this year, so maybe I’ll do something in November for NANOWRIMO or National Blog Posting Month this year. I’ll likely also do National Poetry Writing Month (April), though that doesn’t seem to be one of my difficult months. August through November are the worst, and are likely to always be, since it is my most stressful time of the year (back to school). However, if I plan ahead, maybe I can come up with something. I’ll gladly take suggestions, of course!

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