Filtered, but only a little

It describes this website to a T: filtered, but only a little. Of course, you don’t get the little details of my story that could give me away…no face pics…not names or places or things like that. I filter that stuff out to protect my identity and the people I love from the harm that could come from my uncovering. It’s a necessary evil for me and so many others who blog the way that I do.

But, the part of my story that you do get is so much closer to truth in so many ways. While I don’t share every fear, I share my sexual fears. While I don’t share all my photos, I share photos that bare all my most private bits. I bare to you the parts of myself that I must cover in day-to-day life.

And while fantasy encourages me to think, on occasion, that merging worlds would make life so much less complicated, I know it would actually do no such thing. Keeping my worlds separate is what allows me to have this world at all. And so I embrace the separateness.

As we exit this year, I wanted my final Sinful Sunday photo to be one that was filtered only just a little. I wanted to show the lumps and bumps and shadows that make up the body I am currently in. It has gotten me this far, and though hardly perfect, it deserves thanks for that.

So many of us make resolutions and goals and promises to take better care of these vessels from which we experience life. I, instead, prefer simply to accept it as it is. This day.

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By Brigit Delaney

Welcome to my little corner of the internet! I am a blogger, poet, photographer, and writer of erotica, living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I'm glad you came. Sit back, kick off your shoes, and stay awhile.


  1. I am always working on accepting my body as it is. It is one of the things that I have loved most about taking pictures is how it has enabled me to see myself in different ways. I don’t make resolutions either but I did get a new Fitbit for Christmas and I plan to keep on with my daily exercise routine as it helps me to just feel better both physically and mentally

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  2. I like that: accepting your body as it is today. I often struggle with how I see my body but one thing I always try to remember is that it can bring me pleasure, incredibly awesome pleasure. This is a wonderful picture!

    1. Thanks! Every year I get a little better at accepting and appreciating my body and my abilities, trying not to compare myself to others, and accepting the two lives I live simultaneously.

  3. Wonderful image to go with your inspiring post. Photography has massively helped my own body image. I like the idea of honesty in blogs, both in written posts and photos. It makes everything so much more real.
    Thank you
    Missy x

  4. Whilst I’ve not made resolutions or goals for the year ahead, I do want to have more images taken of me. I’ve fallen behind with it this year and it’s left me feeling out f sorts.

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