Developing a Submissive Mindset: Tracking Rules

I use Google Keep to track pretty much everything in my life. Since it’s on my phone (which goes with me everywhere) and provides a way to check items off and still save them as repeated tasks and put them back on the To Do list again, it works well for the routinized way I like to run things. I have notes for shopping, work, health, blogging, and even D/s. As you can see in this image…

…there are things I’m focusing on (the unchecked items) and things that I feel I’ve got down to habit enough that I only need an occasional reminder (the checked items).

I suppose some might say that D/s should just come naturally if you’re a “real” submissive, to which I say “nonsense.” Most of us need help remembering multiple tasks. Scheduling certain things helps, but leaving some freedom for other things to happen more naturally is a good thing, too. It gives me a little control and responsibility to please Him of my own accord. I’ll be honest and say I’ve not been very good at that, though.

Just this week, however, I’ve practiced squirting…and even attempted fisting myself…and told Him about it! Which means I acted on my sexual thoughts and did something outside my comfort zone. Woo hoo!

I also put a reminder of His love language at the top (physical touch) – just because I’m hard-headed and need things like that.

This is another way I encourage mindfulness and try to maintain a submissive mindset. I check my lists on a regular basis throughout the day, so this little note is at the forefront of my mind.

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  • Marie Louise

    Whoever says a ‘real’ submissive doesn’t need reminders is mad! With our busy lives, it’s impossible to keep track of everything without a reminder.

    I can relate to how I’m less good at pleasing someone on my own accord as it means leaving my comfort zone so I’m cheering you on for attempting to squirt (and fisting!!) on your own. I know how difficult it is!

  • missy

    This is really interesting. It is making me wonder if I have become a lazy submissive and need to do more to spark my own mindset. Food for thought as usual! Thank you 🙂

  • Hislordship

    Self submission always seems to get a bad deal with people getting on their high horse about it. Being in charge yourself is an act of submission where your demonstrate awareness. I also liked the fisting comment!!

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