• Experience

    Sex as a Reset

    Relationships naturally ebb and flow. I go through times when I am super horny and want sex all the time. And then there are (more often) times when I simply go through my days trying to survive being a parent, having a job, running a life, keeping house, etc. Our sexual connection gets lost in the commotion. I’m much more guilty of letting this happen than He is, mainly because I’m more easily drawn into To Do lists, overwhelm, anxiety, etc. The outside world draws me in (and takes more out of me – because I let it) more than it does Him. I’m also more heavily impacted, emotionally, by…

  • Fiction

    Worth More than My Last Twenty

    When he walked into the room, my eyes rolled down like a waterfall, crashing and widening in response to the bulge that showed clearly through the wide netted fabric of his boxer briefs. He pulsed it a few times, causing the black cotton to expand, holes stretching, which led me to the awareness of my twitching cunt. I considered how much I’d like him to stretch my holes in a similar manner. Picking me out of the crowd, he moved toward me, the size of him seeming to grow as he came closer. An illusion, but effective, nonetheless. I breathed in, catching his musk on the air, thick and inviting.…

  • Erotic Journal Challenge

    The Erotic Journal Challenge – NOVEMBER (Gratitude)

    Welcome to Fall, and welcome to the new Erotic Journal Challenge! I’ve decided to change things up a bit to make it as easy as possible for people to join in. Rather than offering up weekly or bi-weekly challenges (as several of my blogger friends do), I’ve decided to provide a monthly theme and a list of topics, questions, and prompts that writers can choose from. I know that sometimes, when I have too many memes that I want to participate in, I get stressed or end up having to leave a few out or make choices about which I can or will write for. This way, the EJC will…

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