The Purge: Saying Goodbye (or hello again) to Old Lingerie

Last week, I offered up a challenge to myself…to dig through my old (and often uncomfortable or ill-fitting) lingerie and begin purging to make way for newer, fresher, better, more comfortable, more “me” pieces that I will wear, instead of falling back on the boring (though comfy) beige/white/black things that I have now put through the wash so many times they are starting to look like things the dogs may have dragged in out of the rain.

I actually did purchase a few new things (some with myself in mind and a few with Him in mind – ahem…let’s keep those a secret, shall we?). But, I’ve still got quite a few old things to fumble through, and you get to see their last run here (or our reunion, if I decide to keep them).

Though I love the look of last week’s set, I just couldn’t handle it. By 5 pm, my ribs hurt from the underwire, and I could. not. wait. to get the damn thing off. And the panties kept sliding because they were too loose. So, that one is being purged. I made sure to replace it with some more black and red, though – since those are definitely two of my favorite colors for lingerie (or anything, really).

This week’s set, however…

Even though it’s not terribly comfortable, I do love the lace pattern. The panties are little high-waisted for my taste. I’m not usually into briefs (I prefer hipsters b/c they flatter my bigger hips and ass and don’t squeeze in to create a muffin top at my waist), but they match, and I’m not sure what else would go with this bra.

Imma gonna keep this one.

For those interested: I’m a size 16 and the set was purchased from adoreme.com – 40C bra and 1X panty. 

P.S. I’m not allowed to wear panties on Fridays (per my rules); however my Husband has made an allowance that I may wear crotchless panties or slipshorts under skirts (as I tend to chafe if I go completely without). Since I don’t have anything crotchless (umm…wtf? right?), I had to make do by cutting the crotch out of an older pair of slip shorts. I sent Him a photo text from work in the middle of the day to show Him what I’d done. Just thought I’d share that here…as it seemed fitting per the meme. (I was quite aware of how “exposed” I was all day. So I suppose the rule is rather successful. In fact, I was more aware of it with a skirt and these slip shorts, that I would have been with jeans or leggings on. There’s just something about the air having access to my most private places that keeps me “present.” I do have some crotchless items on the way, so I won’t have to modify anymore of my under things.



  • Jupiter Grant

    That’s a lovely bra, I can see why you’d be willing to forgive the less than comfy undies for the bra’s sake.

    Very nice DIY lingerie design on your crotchless slip shorts. I can only imagine how pleased Hubby was with your craftsmanship, too 👄

  • violet

    Can I just say, again, how much I love and admire your purge? Such a great idea and so body+ because so often we suffer, needlessly. I love that you are taking the wheel on comfort and confidence with lingerie. Your DIY looks like a success and I *love* the tiny button details on the bra!

  • kisungura

    Beautiful set Brigit, you look beautiful. I’m similar in always reaching for the comfy overwashed white, beige and black T shirt bras instead of the lovelies tucked at the neck of the drawer but oh do some of them hurt! I feel a purge coming on too… loving your lingerie DIY!!

  • Posy Churchgate

    I love the lace overlaid on the bra too – for prettiness I wouldn’t purge it, but if wearing it has you gritting your teeth or it makes marks on your skin then you have let it go.
    You look great in the set.

    The modified panties must’ve given you a fun day – love the up-skirt pic you sent to your man!

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