I need new lingerie!!

So yesterday I decided to wear something sexier under my clothes…not my normal Maidenform wire-free black/white/beige.

I used to wear it all the time. I had several matching sets. I even had a membership with a lingerie service to receive one new set every month. But a few years ago, I made a New Years’ resolution to stop wearing anything that made me uncomfortable, and that meant that nearly all my lingerie went in the back of the drawer.

But, yesterday, I knew I wanted to participate in LifE, so I went ahead and dug out one of my favorite old sets.

It was a disappointing day, folks. The bra wire dug at me in all the wrong places (I’m not used to wearing them anymore), and by the end of the day I couldn’t get it off fast enough. And the panties were loose and kept slipping down. I spent the whole day adjusting and readjusting.

Needless to say, the set is GOING! And I’m going to do a similar test with all the rest of the sets that I still have. Each week, for LifE, I’m going to let a set have it’s (possibly) last ride.

And then…I’m going to work on infusing my lingerie drawer with some pretty, comfortable, sexy lingerie. I’m tired of the “mom underwear” I have fallen back on wearing because I have trouble finding sexy, comfy lingerie for my body. I am now on the hunt. And of course…I will share what treasures I find! I’m also on the hunt for some sexier stuff for play and evening. I’ve had some pretty good luck with Yandy (decent quality and price). I also like Adore Me – and Torrid. They have quite a bit of stuff for plus-size gals. But, I’d love suggestions if anyone has any. I’m not about to spend 60$ for a bra, so the suggestions should be affordable…please and thank you.

Basically, I just need some new lingerie. I’m bored with what I have. And I struggle to find things that fit right because I’m right between regular and plus sizes. So often, plus-sized items are too big and regular-sized items are too small. If the sizing tries to cover too much ground (say 1X/2X), it’s bound to drown me. Some companys’ 0X is too small…sometimes it’s just right. A cheap 16-18 might be too small, while an expensive 16-18 is too big. Basically, I’m a true 14-16. And that’s a tough spot to be in. I can shop of plus-sized stores and buy the smallest size. Or I can shop at regular stores and by the biggest size. And those are usually the sizes they are out of. So, either lots of people that size, or they never buy enough of that size. It’s maddening. And buying lingerie even tougher than buying clothes, because there isn’t a lot of wiggle room to be wrong. A shirt can be a little loose or tight, and it’s no big deal. But a bra has to be perfect (especially if wires are involved). And panties have to be perfect (I will not stand for wedgies, muffin-top, or slippage).

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  • J. Lynn

    Yes, yes, yes! Please do share the secrets if you find any. I hate underwire but without it by the end of the day it’s just as uncomfortable as the wires that dig in. I have found Torrid to be the best for my shape but like you said I have to go a 0x and I’m lucky if they have anything.

    • Brigit Delaney

      I live in such a small town…we only have one paltry sex shop. But, when I travel (which doesn’t happen often), I try to get to a few here and there!

  • Marie Rebelle

    Oh gosh, I hear you on the size thing. I am now at a ridiculous size which is available almost nowhere. I should either loose weight or gain some more. I don’t want to gain, but somehow I just don’t manage to loose anything. I need new underwear, but I keep on wearing the old ones which are actually too small for me… grrr… it’s a real pain!

    Rebel xox

  • violet

    I absolutely *LOVE* your vehement standards on fit and comfort. I hope you find some pieces that please you and I’m excited to see the “final ride” for the sets you do have but will be letting go of. What an empowering process!

    • Brigit Delaney

      Well…I just spent quite a bit at adoreme.com and yandy.com. Some crotchless (as we have agreed that these are okay for “no panty” Friday), some fun, and some more comfy and functional…but all of it sexy. I need to sexy up my loungewear too. I usually don’t wear anything to bed, but I have to be “acceptable” around the house. My flannel pj bottoms and sweats aren’t very sexy though, and I’d like to change that.

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