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Brigit’s Favorite Things (#16)

Favorite Image this week:

“Strike a Pose” by Focused and Filthy:

Missy is one of my top 5 favorite blogger/photographers. Her ideas are creative and her photos always turn out so damned wonderfully. This one gets at a particular (and growing) fetish of mine…socks. Oh…and that argyle. I just love this shot! I’m sure fun was had by all.

Favorite stories this week:

“Wendigo” by kisungura and “Girl at the Gate” by Floss really knocked it out of the park for me this week. I love a good scary tale, and these two hit both sides of that coin…one being rather gruesome and horrifying…the other being ghostly and gothically romantic.

I also really liked these two rather deep and introspective stories:

“Voyeur” by Violet Fawkes and “Rain, Rain, Rain” by Kristan X

Favorite non-fiction this week:

This piece by Marie Rebel is a tough one, but I applaud her for telling the story – No Consent: Prologue (part 1). I’m looking forward to reading the following parts, no matter how uncomfortable the subject matter. Our stories are not always easy to swallow, but the hardest ones to tell and hear are often the most necessary.

Blogger Spotlight:

This D/s Life – His Archives

I am fascinated by the male perspective on things. I guess that makes sense, since it is the most foreign to me. Just recently, I went back to Michael’s share of This D/s Life, as I noticed the changes in his handle on twitter from @domsigns to @uncertainsigns to @newsigns. I’ve been following the changing relationship story between Molly and Michael for some time, and I could tell there were definitely some major changes and shifts happening. Part of it is to do with the fact that I feel our situations are similar in many ways.

Michael is a great supporter of the bloggers in our community, but he’s a great writer as well, sharing in a vulnerable and honest way.

The Erotic Journal Challenge

This month I made the leap. For my own sanity and the sanity of those who try so hard to support EVERYONE’s meme, I made the EJC a monthly experience. I encourage those who want to participate to link-up multiple times during the month and/or use the prompt suggestion questions and theme in any way that suits. The best way to support multiple memes at the same time is to link up to more than one. It’s common and actually pretty easy to find connections in what we write so that our posts are appropriate for more than one meme. That can also add a bit of a challenge to your writing and push you to write things you might otherwise not have thought of.

I’m impressed by the number of people who have already joined in…go and have a look, if you haven’t already had a chance.

Brigit’s Bedtime Stories Podcast:


My best writing this week:

Hell to Pay

My best image:

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  • kisungura

    A wonderful round up Brigit, I really must start creating these. Thanks so much for featuring Wendigo, I had worried I’d gone a little too far in the gruesome stakes this time, so appreciate the appreciation! xx

    • Brigit Delaney

      When it’s well-written and the “gruesome” isn’t just for shock value, it works. This one made me squirm.

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