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Brigit’s Favorite Things (#15)

I don’t do this sort of round-up nearly enough. I’ve almost made it to the end of the year, and I’ve only done it 15 times, as you can see by the title. I try to share my favorite stuff on Twitter from time to time, but really, it’s my goal to do this more often. Sharing is caring, after all.

Favorite Image this week:

kisungura’s sparkly boob was definitely THE highlight visual for me this week. It’s been a long time since I did (or felt like doing) anything sexual with a woman, but this image definitely teased at that part of me that lurks deep within. k is an excellent photographer and extremely creative with her images. But, this is one I really wanted to reach out and touch.

Favorite story this week:

Violet Fawkes continues to niggle that little need for a woman’s touch with her story “Your Kiss is a Love Letter.” It’s a sweet little tale, but it definitely reminds me of the enticing differences in kissing a woman.

This week, I’m also plugging the recently available Smut Marathon compilation. It was a helluva creative workout to be a participant last year and absolutely great fun being a jury member this year. I encourage you to purchase this compilation and support the writers as much as you can. Marie Rebel works incredibly hard to make this competition what it is, and the only way it continues is with participation from the sex-writing community! Click here for various purchase options.

Favorite non-fiction this week:

submissy has a lot of great advice and information for anyone interested in D/s. Her site is home to the meme “Tell me about…” and the Safeword D/s Club. Both are great D/s resources. Her article this week, “5 Things that Encourage Dominance” is spot on. Though I am not great at “active submission” I do agree with her that a submissive has just as much responsibility in a relationship as a Dominant. Dominance isn’t easy, and neither is submission. A Dom can’t read a subs mind, and a Dom can become just as tired and bored and out of sorts as a sub can. A sub can help a Dom stay motivated and at peak performance by following missy’s excellent advice. The advice wasn’t new to me, but it was something I needed to be reminded of, because, even though I fully agree with her, I fall short in this capacity.

The Erotic Journal Challenge

This month I made the leap. For my own sanity and the sanity of those who try so hard to support EVERYONE’s meme, I made the EJC a monthly experience. I encourage those who want to participate to link-up multiple times during the month and/or use the prompt suggestion questions and theme in any way that suits. The best way to support multiple memes at the same time is to link up to more than one. It’s common and actually pretty easy to find connections in what we write so that our posts are appropriate for more than one meme. This month, the theme (Fear, Insecurity, Anxiety, and Self-Doubt) is particularly suited to Sex Bloggers for Mental Health.

My motto at work right now is “do less…better.” It seems an appropriate motto for life in general…and especially my writing. Writing a few really good posts that I can link up to multiple memes is better than stretching myself thin and writing less-than-satisfactory pieces just to feel like I’ve participated in everything. I don’t have to participate in everything to be a good blog community member. I don’t have to comment on everything…or read everything. In fact, the only thing I have to do as a writer is enjoy what I’m doing (especially since I don’t do any of this for $$).

Brigit’s Bedtime Stories Podcast:

I think this little gem is going to be my focus next year. It’s in it’s infancy, and therefore really raw. I’m recording on my phone and I have a free account on Podbean, which means the website is much less “professional” than I’d like. But, I have over 8,000 downloads on 3 episodes, so I can see there is major potential here.



My best writing this week:

Aging and Masturbation

My best image:

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