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The Erotic Journal Challenge – OCTOBER (Fear, Insecurity, Anxiety, and Self-Doubt)

Welcome to Fall, and welcome to the new Erotic Journal Challenge! I’ve decided to change things up a bit to make it as easy as possible for people to join in.

Rather than offering up weekly or bi-weekly challenges (as several of my blogger friends do), I’ve decided to provide a monthly theme and a list of topics, questions, and prompts that writers can choose from.

I know that sometimes, when I have too many memes that I want to participate in, I get stressed or end up having to leave a few out or make choices about which I can or will write for. This way, the EJC will not add to your stress but will always be available when you need an idea. Write and share every day, once a week, or once a month, whatever works for you and your current level of motivation and available time. Also, keep in mind that you can combine memes! If you write something for the EJC that also works for a prompt from another blogger, combine and link-up in both places. It means more exposure and more readers!

This month, since it’s the month of Halloween, I’ve decided to make the theme

FEAR, Insecurity, Anxiety, and Self-Doubt

For some of us, fear holds us back from experiencing life to its limits. For others, fear is a catalyst. Whatever its place in your life, consider how fear, insecurity, anxiety, and self-doubt affect your erotic/sexual existence, either as an individual, a lover, or a writer.

Possible questions and prompts (but feel free to use the theme in any way that works for you):

What are your sexual fears/insecurities?
Are you haunted by anything in your sexual history?
Is there anything you are afraid to write about (sexually speaking)?
What sexual fears/insecurities have you (or do you hope to) overcome?
Has a sexual fear/insecurity ever kept you from doing something you wanted to do?
Have you ever had a sexual nightmare or bad dream about sex?
Is there anything about sex-writing/blogging that creates fear, insecurity, anxiety, or self-doubt?
Write about a time when these negative emotions got in the way of sex or a sexual experience.
Has fear ever led you to something good or unexpected?
Has fear ever been a part of your kink?
How do you deal with sexually-related fear, insecurity, anxiety, and self-doubt?
How do you deal with these emotions as a sex-writer?
Were you ever afraid to have (or not have) sex?
What are your biggest self-doubts in bed?
Does anything about your body make you feel anxious or insecure?
How do you deal with your inner critic?
Have friends or family stated fears/anxiety about your desires or sexual actions (including writing about sex)?
Write about a sexually-rooted phobia, like erotophobia or genophobia.
How has fear (or these other negative emotions) played into your relationship(s)?
Do any of your desires make you feel anxious, afraid, or uncomfortable?
Are you afraid to ask for what you want?
What sets your sexual anxiety at ease?

Here are a couple of articles that might give you some ideas:

7 Common But Hidden Fears About Sex

The Undeniable Connection Between Fear & Sexuality

If you have any other ideas related to the theme, please share them in the comments so others might be inspired.

Use one or several of all of the prompts above to write a story, a poem, an article, a personal essay (or a collection of them)…share a photo or a photo essay…a podcast, a scene…whatever you want…as many times as you want during the month!

And remember to link-back to this post and use the badge! Read others’ posts, comment, share what you love on Twitter! This is all about introspection, sharing what we learn, and supporting one another as writers and people.


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