Journal 9/29/19

We had two youngsters in our house last night, as my son had a friend over. They busied themselves out of our presence as tweens are wont to do, wanting nothing to do with the boring adults.

But even with the time alone, we found ourselves crawling into bed early.

The benefit of that was that we got up early, giving us a nice long Sunday to accomplish what was necessary and plenty of time to relax.

This morning, he even texted me while I was writing in my office. Of course, since I was writing, I didn’t check my texts, and so He had to call me to tell me to check. Yes…He was only a few rooms away, and as soon as He told me to check my texts, I knew exactly what I would find – a simple command to come to the bedroom.

I found Him there, splayed naked on the bed, stroking His cock.

I quickly wriggled out of my pajamas and crawled up between His thighs to take His cock into my mouth.

It’s been far too long.

He doesn’t normally let me suck Him to orgasm; it usually only takes a minute or two before He craves the warmth of my cunt pulsing around Him…and then only a moment or two more before He wants His mouth on my sex, my thighs spread wide, and His fingers delving in as deep as they can reach to tickle my g-spot.

This morning was no different. I melted beneath Him, coming hard, letting out a squeak as I struggled to remain as quiet as possible. I laughed to release the tension in a more acceptible way, considering the ears at the opposite side of the house.

When He slipped His cock back into me, it only took a handful of pumps before He came, hot and overflowing.

That liquid warmth within me is truly one of the most satisfying feelings I have ever known.


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