like a jigsaw of tangled limbs and shadows,
my erotic mind sits in pieces waiting to be assembled

its valleys dip low beneath my surface,
and peak beyond my sight,
though the height makes me nervous at times

there are moments that,
like ripe, low-hanging fruit,
it weighs heavy–
grounding me

or when it sways,
like waves of tawny wheat;
the whisper of its movement
beckoning harvest

and still others when
it whips and dives, bird-like,
desires unfettered by conscience–

a landscape of snowflakes and daisies,
roots and vines
viewed with a held breath
or downward glance

never the same destination

If you are looking for a retreat prompt for today, try these:

–What physical, mental, spiritual, or metaphorical attributes does your erotic self embody?
–Describe the essence of your erotic being through metaphor or simile.

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