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    The “Crazy” Cycle

    This week’s Erotic Journal Challenge Prompt is “Hormones,” but as I find, for me, that this is also very tied to next week’s topic “Mental Health,” I’m going to go ahead and connect the two. I’ve already posted on both of these topics quite a few times, but I want to focus in on their direct relation to my current sense of sexuality, erotic well-being, and sexual relationship. I guess all of us have issues with hormones as some point in our life. And I know that quite a few of us struggle with various mental health issues (or combinations of several). When you put hormones and mental health issues…

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    Objects of Desire

    “Once we are aware that our nudity makes us objects of desire, we become naked.” Chloe Thurlow We are all of us an object of desire to someone, even if that someone has not found or seen us before. But to be something beyond an object of desire takes more. Vulnerability. And that is much more difficult that showing flesh.

  • Erotic Journal Challenge

    Erotic Journal Challenge # 24: “Hormones”

    Sorry, I’m a few days late getting this week’s prompt up for The Erotic Journal Challenge. I’ve been a bit “hormonal” and my mental health has been a bit on edge. I guess the timing for this topic is perfect, eh? Hormones How have your hormones (or those of a lover/loved one) impacted your sexuality, erotic well-being, and/or sexual relationships? The nuts and bolts of the challenge: Each week, I will post a topic or question that I plan to explore in my own journal. I’m going to post them and add a link-up so that readers can get in on the challenge, too. I encourage you to respond in…

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    “The Joker” G-Spot/Finger/Tongue Vibrator from Fondlove

    About Fondlove According to Fondlove’s website, they are a small, female-owned business that seeks to “find and liberate their sexual desire in a healthy way…. [They] provide top quality sex toys and considerate customer service, with a competitive price.” They also offer free and discreet shipping, which I’m finding not all sex toy companies do, and I am very appreciative of it. About “The Joker” What does it do? “The Joker” is a finger/tongue vibrator (something I’ve never tried before). When activating just the “puller” (the tapered end of the toy), the base stays still while just the tip pulses up and down at 5 varying speeds/patterns, like a finger…

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    Humiliation as a Reset

    I wouldn’t say that I am into humiliation, however, it can be (even for me) an extremely effective tool for immediately putting me into a submissive head space. Mr. D is not usually into humiliation (that I know of) either, but when He feels he needs to pull out the big guns, the bullets they fire are usually ones that put me immediately in my place, jarringly and unequivocally. As some of you know, our life has been a bit upside-down recently with an in-progress house sale, and as such, our D/s practices have pretty much been put on hold. I have a tendency at these times to go a…

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    Bedtime Stories #1: “Eating Out” (audio/podcast)

    So, I did a thing today. And I have to say, now that I’ve done it, I have a whole new respect for those who record podcasts in their own homes. I must have started and restarted this recording 25 times before I got one that was acceptable. Airplanes, dogs barking, phones ringing… Doesn’t the world respect my erotic storytelling enough to stop spinning for 20 freaking minutes while I record? I’m starting from the beginning here, too, just because it’s been so long since I (or anyone else) has read or heard these stories. This is the first erotic story I shared on the internet. It was based on…

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