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Leaf Vibrator from Bestvibe

The Unveiling

When I pulled this fun little product out of the box, I was first struck by the lightness of the remote (which fit perfectly in my hand) and the smoothness of the vibrator. Of course, it’s silicone…so nothing new there. I wasn’t sure that the curve of the phallus would be quite enough to hit my g-spot, but I was hopeful and set about charging the product for first use.

It must have taken me at least 10 minutes to figure out where to plug the adapter tip into the vibrator. The instruction manual provides a diagram of the product which explained this. Somehow, in my zeal, I missed this.

Eventually, I found one pin-point small hole on the underside of the phallus, and poked the adapter tip in, hoping it would connect.

It did! Thank goodness.

And the 2-3 hour wait for the product to charge began….

I was pretty excited about this one, hoping it might be a style of vibrator I could wear while writing (for a little motivational buzz-me awake) or while out and about with Mr. D. I’ve always sort of fantasized about Him have a remote and being able to turn that vibrator on from across the table at a restaurant or while walking down the aisle at a store…totally catching me off guard. Giving Him that kind of control might be fool-hardy, but it sure does sound deliciously naughty and fun.

I watched a movie to keep my mind off the waiting, and by the time it was over, the product was charged.

It took me a little while to figure out how to get it going, though the instructions did cover that, too (I’m apparently instructionally challenged, however). I pressed the power button on the remote. Nothing. I pressed it and held it, which caused a little light to come on inside of it, but when I pushed the other buttons on the remote, the vibrator still didn’t do anything.

I turned the product around and around and upside down trying to figure out what kind of voodoo was going to be required to make this thing go. And eventually, I found the magic button on the side at the base of the phallus.

I had to press that and hold it, too, until a light came on inside. So the product can be made to vibrate and change vibrations from this side button as well as from the remote. Though, I’ll say that changing the mode from this side button is not easy when the vibrator is inside of you.

Plugging in, charging, and turning the product on were not intuitive tasks, to be sure, so not being daft (like me) and spending a moment to read the instruction manual is always a good idea.

The Maiden Voyage

To power the product up you must:

A) press and hold the side button on the product until it lights up
B) press and hold the remote button until it lights up
C) insert the vibrator into the body
D) choose your mode (there are ten)

What I noticed right away with this product is that it is EXTREMELY loud, which I find hilarious, considering the side of the box literally says it is “silent.”

Um. No.

There is no way I could use this vibrator in public or even in the house if our son was home. I joked with my Husband that it sounded somewhat like a Harley.

But, just because it’s loud and I couldn’t use it for one of the purposes I’d hoped didn’t mean all was lost.

I lubed it up and stuck it in. Even with my underwear on to keep it in place, it kept popping out, so I had to hold it in from the base to keep it in. I’m not sure if it’s my body shape, but it didn’t really fit into place well. The bump in the leaf base that is intended to rub up against and vibrate the clitoris is actually about a half inch too low for me, and hits the spot right below my clit, which means the vibration is just far enough away from it to really aggravate the fuck out of me. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because it did drive me bananas and cause me to squirm and wiggle and rub to get my rocks off.

Since I couldn’t keep the damn thing in without pressing my hand against the base, I decided to stack up some pillows and straddle them. This worked well enough that I could concentrate on finding the right mode.

I tried all of the vibration modes (three are consistent vibration at increasing levels of intensity and the rest of different types of pulses and buzzes). But after a good 10-15 minutes, I still hadn’t managed an orgasm. Nothing on the toy actually directly hit any of my key spots in just the right way.

I gave up and went back to a toy I was sure would do the trick and promised to try another day.

(Note: The motor of the toy itself was pretty hot by the time I finished with it. Maybe jamming it into a pile of pillows caused this, but it did worry me just a bit.)

Another try…

Today, I tried it again. And even though I was bothered by the same things (the noise and the difficulty of keeping the toy inside), I did manage to have a very strong orgasm. Because the nub in the base of the leaf part of the toy doesn’t quite reach my clit, the orgasm was a slow build and, while not as intense at the beginning, it lasted longer and was more satisfying because of the lack of direct contact (I’m very sensitive, and sometimes direct contact to my clitoris during an orgasm is too much for me). So maybe that’s not a design flaw.

I do wish the product were either a bit longer, thicker, or curved. The phallus part is rather short, obviously meant to rub against the g-spot. For me, it almost works in this way.

I need to come up with a better way to keep the toy inside of me during play, so I can go hands-free (which seems to be the design concept for a toy like this, right?).

Cost, Specs, Materials & Care

Cost: $30.99

This product is made in China and, according to the users manual, is made out of 100% silicone (and thus requires simple cleaning with soap and water after each use and should be kept in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight). It is also 100% waterproof and phthalate free. The product comes in black, pink, and purple and there are a few different styles. The one I was sent was the Marcia MF-9302, but there are others with small variations in shape and texture (Madge MF-9303, Marsha MF-9304, Maggie MF-9301).

The product box boasts that the vibrator is silent, which is NOT true. The instruction manual puts the noise level at less than 40dB.

The product comes with a USB charging cord. The product battery is a 520mA, and the remote control battery is a 23A. It is wireless and works about 2 hours once charged.

It took about three hours to charge up from the box, and the instructions warn of overcharging (which can damage the battery).

Warranty & Company Information

I didn’t notice any warranty information on the product box, instruction manual, or website.

It took the product about a week to reach me and was sent from China in a discreet cardboard box.

The representative who initially contacted me about doing a review was from but the product was sent to me from what I’m guessing was a sister company called Fondlove. When I went to the Fondlove website, I couldn’t find this product. It was, however, on the Bestvibe website. Click HERE to purchase.

Bestvibe does have a Free Gift Program:

-Follow their twitter @Bestvibe1
-Choose your favorite product from the website and comment on their Twitter page
-They’ll choose a random winner every 10 likes

And Fondlove is looking for sex toy testers. Sign up HERE!

Pros and Cons

Pros: This product offers a strong vibration and two motors to reach both your g-spot and clitoris. The 10 modes are all very different, so you are sure to find the pattern and intensity of vibration that works for you.

Cons: It’s very loud and hard to keep in while using. It will require some sort of harness to secure it during use.

 Final Words…

This isn’t a bad toy. In fact, if used while straddling a chair or pillows, it is fairly easy to make the vibrations hit all the right places, and it provided a very satisfying orgasm.

Disclosure: I received this product for free and was contacted by the company to provide a review of any product of my choice. 

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