I’m not a person who handles stress well. Even good changes can send me right over the edge if they impact my sense of stability, control, or make me feel as if I can’t possibly meet the situation with competance.

A few days ago, Mr. D and I found house (and yes, we’ve been lazily considering moving to a bigger place for years). We have so outgrown our current accomodations, but the whole “moving thing” is so fucking unappealing that it’s really easy just to dream and talk about it than actually begin all of the prep work that says, hey, we’re fucking serious.

But then, we found the house. And now, we’re scrambling to get ours ready to sell and on the market while crafting an offer.

Tomorrow, we have to call someone to clean our shop roof and gutters, call someone about flooring two bedrooms, and call the storage place down the road so we can start clearing some of the clutter to make our place look more appealing (we’ve grown wearily used to the clutter, but it won’t be a selling point).

It’s that type of anxiety that is motivating and energizing but also easily crazy-making, especially for someone like me. My mania kicks in, and suddenly sleep is elusive and I become crazily productive, but also highly irritable and impatient – making lists, plans, phone calls, and demands.

Mr. D has already pointed out that this is likely going to be a time for “training” from Him. He knows how I get. And He’s having none of it.

I’m honestly going to try to stay as calm as possible and just do what I can each day. It can be pretty overwhelming when you know you have things to box up, cleaning, patching, painting, etc. and you’re on a very short timeline for it all.

It’s also exciting. But I’m trying not to get my hopes up too much. Our offer hasn’t been accepted yet, and since it will mean a contigency (not an optimum situation), we don’t know if the other people will even take it.

At any rate, we’re starting the ball rolling. And I’m crossing my fingers that I can keep the crazy at bay.

Not a sexy post…but sometimes life gets in the way of the sexy.

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  • Molly

    How exciting… The day I sell my house and move somewhere new will be a happy day for me. I only stay for the kids schooling but soon that won’t be an issue anymore.


  • Marie Rebelle

    Like you, I am not good with changes, and big changes are coming up over here too. Now I don’t have to pack, but I do have to keep my calm and not drive my son crazy by telling him what needs to be done, because that will cause him too much stress which will eventually anger him and his anger will be directed at me. Catch 22 situation, sort of. Good luck on the changes over there, and I am sure Mr D will look after you!

    Rebel xox

  • Lexy

    I hope it’s all going well! It’s now a couple of weeks out since you wrote this. Your stress on this is very relatable. Last year when we bought our house I was so wound up … it makes me laugh to remember, I cried over mortgage rate fluctuations. Look forward to your return when you are settled.
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