Brigit's Favorite Things

Brigit’s Favorite Things (#13/2019)

What I’ve been reading and loving this week:

Mrs. Fever/Temperature’s Rising: “Sensual Indulgence, Familiar and New”
personal experience

A raspberry, I think, picturing the just-ripened juicy pink-red in my mind and transferring the plump-soft memory of unplucked-from-the-vine succulence to the resistance-spring give of swollen flesh pulsing – aroused, turgid, wet, warm – under the press of my fingertip….”

Focused and Filthy: “Twisted”
photography and personal experience

“Look at yourself” he said. I waited for the line “look at what a good fucking slut you are” but instead his next line surprised me. “Look at how fucking gorgeous you are.” My cunt didn’t clench but my brain lurched. I didn’t expect that. I looked up at him again. “No look at yourself” he said again with a firm tone. “Look at how gorgeous you look, being fucked here….”

E.T. Costello: “The Night Before” (3 parts)

Both men had their hands on her now. Her hips and her buttocks were bruising under strong urgent fingers, her face clamped between palms raspy with callus. She was full, so full. She was a thing of sensation only, almost endless, unable to tell, really, where she ended and her lovers began. Or indeed the horse, or the people. The very air….

Kate Lessons/Lessons in Kate: “A Song of Filth and Sweetness”

A love like this, where your words pierce heart-shaped wounds into my flesh, is the only love.

Nature created us this way; perverse, animalistic, trapped in a swelteringly lush landscape and you lay me down in dew-sodden grass as green as poison and part my thighs and excavate my fear and restlessness until I am a blank paper shell, a doll for you to breathe life into – wet at the cunt and sore and trembling at the breast.

Nikki/Love is a Fetish: “Worship”

This lady has been kicking ass and taking names with her self-photography project. Head over and check out her images!

Blog Spotlight:

D/scovering Kink
Seek your adventure. Search for your truth. Unleash your kinky self.
A Journey from Vanilla to BDSM

This blog is put on by Annabel Lee/@RavensAnnabel and Raven Lee/@QuothRavenLee, which I think is adorably literary and is likely one of the reasons I am drawn to them both (being a Poe fan, myself). The website consists of three blogs: Our Kinky Journey, Raven’s Plutonian Shore, and Annabel’s Sub Space.

Highlights from

Selected by Molly for Sinful Sunday Round-Up

June 2 “Realization”: For years, we realized last night, we have been asking the wrong questions (and therefore searching for the wrong answers), to the detriment of our sex life and to the detriment of our marital peace. In fact, these wrong questions have been at the heart of so many early “arguments” in our marriage….

June 3 “Dominance – More than Meets the Eye”: Eye contact is a more obvious feature of dominance. It shows confidence and strength, and can even be used to take other seemingly dominant people to task…sort of a stare down approach, I guess. Whoever looks away first admits defeat….

June 4 “Facing Fears to Invite Possibility”: Another fear I have revolves around Him finding a lover other than myself. I have a tendency toward jealousy (due to my own insecurities, I’m sure), and it keeps me from feeling true compersion. This jealousy and fear is something I would love to kiss goodbye, allowing Him the freedom to play and explore, knowing that He will always come back to me, and I am His central love…His wife…the mother of His child. This fear, above all others is the one I wish I could let go….

Serial microfiction: “The Disappearance of Emily Bennett”


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