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This week, Food For Thought Friday asks us:

What are your motivations for taking sexy photos?

In some ways, I guess I’m a bit of an exhibitionist (online, that is). I like to be seen as sexy and I appreciate the attention that comes with it, when it’s in a controlled atmosphere (like my website). In real life, I have difficulty even taking a compliment. I’m not nearly as confident as I probably should be, but over the years, photographing myself and sharing photos has definitely improved my self-esteem. 

I also take sexy photos for my Husband on a regular basis and send them via text or email. My motivation there should be fairly transparent. I like to know that I can turn Him on with a simple image still, and His reactions definitely bolster my self-confidence.

Who are you taking them for? Who is your primary audience?

I began by taking sexy photos for my Husband, back when we were dating. We then took a few for our dating profile on a swingers website. And then, once I had an established website, I began taking photos for Molly Moore’s Sinful Sunday and joined in with her February PhotoFest (click here for my 2018 photo archive and here for my 2019 photo archive). For the 2018 PhotoFest challenge, I focused mainly on things about myself that I didn’t like, trying hard to see them in a new light. But in 2019, I did the opposite, often finding that similar images seemed much more appealing and I was less likely to throw out a photo just because I thought I looked fat or the perspective seemed unflattering.

Mr. D has taken over my Sinful Sunday images this year, which is also providing a completely different view of me – to myself and to my readers. What He finds sexy is often not the same as what I find sexy, so it’s an experiment that is allowing me to learn more about His view of my body and what appeals to him visually.

What challenges do you face/overcome when taking such photos? What lengths have you gone to to get “that” shot?

For Him, He says it’s hard to come up with creative ideas that are different each week, and for me, it’s can be difficult to take photos by myself. I have to set up shots and then quickly get into place before the timer runs out. It often means taking dozens of photos before getting one I like.

How did you feel the first time you sent/posted a sexy photo?

It’s been so long, I have no idea, short of assuming I was likely uncomfortable. I’ve always been careful about keeping my anonymity. I’ve only sent one or two with my face to people other than my Husband…and yes, it’s made me nervous, when things fell apart, to know that someone else had “evidence” of my naughty exploits. Sometimes I worry about them “getting out.”

What are your limits in terms of what you would/wouldn’t show/do in a photo you share?

I don’t do face shots. I used to make sure I covered all my tattoos, but that became difficult really quickly, and too many of my photos started to look the same because I could only manage so many positions while still keeping them covered. We also try not to show too much of our home, landmarks that would give away where we live, etc. I also don’t do full-on pussy shots. I try to keep things from being what I deem to be “pornographic,” as that isn’t my aim with my website. I’m trying to go for “edgily artistic,” so cunts and assholes and cocks are only allowed in certain ways that I deem appropriate and are not shown very often.

Have there ever been any awkward/embarrassing moments (e.g. getting caught in the act) when taking your photos?

As mentioned above, I sent a few photos to someone I was “dating,” and when we stopped, I had to ask him to delete the photos. I can only hope he did, and I learned my lesson. 


  • Jupiter Grant

    Lovely shot. Interesting to read about your experiences of taking and posting sexy pictures. I’ve been so inspired by everyone’s pictures, I’ve only just started to have enough courage to do this myself Like you mention having been yourself, I’m conscious of not showing my tattoos in case anyone recognise me, but yes, it does make things difficult in terms of variety!
    Thank you for sharing your experiences and your wonderful photos ?
    Jupiter Grant recently posted…Ode to a VibratorMy Profile

  • Modesty Ablaze

    Your photos are certainly “edgily artistic” . . . and always beautifully sensual and sexy . . . and I was so glad when I found your blog through Sinful Sunday.
    Xxx – K

    • Brigit Delaney

      Thank you! Those memes are the way I’ve found most blogs I read on the regular. They are a blessing for this community.

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