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The fog comes
on little cat feet.
It sits looking
over harbor and city
on silent haunches
and then moves on.

It was a foggy morning and afternoon here in the Pacific Northwest. And the cottonwoods are making a mess of my sinuses, their seeds and fluff flying in the wind so thickly at times it looks like snow.

But, I’m trying to keep my sexy on. I texted my Husband this afternoon, telling Him I wanted his cock in my mouth, using cute emojis for cock (a rooster) and mouth (how do they make these little clip art images look so seductive?). Then, I immediately felt a fever coming on.

Not conducive to sexy times.

And not a good follow-up text to one that was clearly starting something that I was now, in a nutshell, effectively taking back.

Seriously, it was within minutes. And when I texted Him to tell Him I was beginning to feel lousy, I think I pissed Him off, likely because I’d just gotten His hopes up only to dash them with…”yeah, but I’m sick, so I can’t.”

I hurried home and took some allergy meds and slept for awhile, but when He got home, He was in a foul mood. My plan is to fix that.

You know…that whole cock in the mouth thing. And some cuddles.

It tends to clear the fog, which is a temporary thing, thankfully. We haven’t had a storm between us in quite some time.

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