Brigit's Favorite Things

Brigit’s Favorite Things (#12/2019)

Posts that left an impression…

There are always so many great posts out there each week, and I could never keep up with them all. I try my best to read and respond a little each morning, but usually find myself trying to do a mad dash of catch up on Saturday. These are the posts that really stuck with me this week…

1. The nostalgia…the poetic prose…Alethea Hunt drew me in from the beginning with this, and I read it a few times just because it was simple and beautiful.

Take me dancing naked in the rain…

Image shared with permission.

2. “Unzip Me” … another terribly creative image from kisungura! I just love this! (I think I may be a fangirl).

3. I think this post does a lovely job of explaining the juxtaposition of subjagation and reward seen in some D/s partnerships.

Muddy knees from sucking their dick

Erotic Journal Challenge

I love that the Erotic Journal Challenge has people thinking and sharing. I learn so much from all of you who link up, and even though there are weeks that few join in, the meme is growing, and I love to see that. Not just because it makes me feel good that people are visiting my site, but also because it is motivating others to be introspective and share their thoughts and lives. This week’s topic was Turn-ons, and while I posted an pretty extensive list of my own, I think I learned that one of my biggest turn-ons is “story.” I’ve always been drawn to other people’s life stories. It’s why memoir is my favorite genre. Maybe I’m a bit of a voyeur…or maybe I’m just plain nosey. But, I love the feeling of connection and intimacy that comes with sharing personal stories. I’m learning about you…connecting with you…becoming friends with you all, even from afar. Know that I love reading your stories and hearing your confessions and dipping my toes into your world every week. Thank you all for sharing your lives with me. A lot of other memes chose a “top three” or invite other bloggers to come in and select the top posts. I’m not a fan of the “everyone deserves a trophy” mentality, but for my meme, it seems that such a selection process would be counter-intuitive…maybe even destructive. It’s why I have (and always will) avoid it. I could not rank your contributions if I wanted to. Sure, some of them hit home harder or are easier to see myself in. Some just wow me with the images or the words. But, all of them are vulnerable and honest and worthy of mention. So, I urge everyone to go and read ALL of this week’s link-ups. Some are regular contributers and others are new, but I love you all and thank you for being a part of my little world here a Brigit Writes.

Nina (twitter handle unknown)
Old Mike (twitter handle unknown)

The Erotic Journal Challenge #18: “Turn-ons”

Blog Spotlight:

Eve Adler: Musings on Relationships, Sex Work, Sex & Disability, and Accessible Sex Toys

This is a new website to me…but I’m intrigued. I love her voice, and her blog posts are easy to connect with. Every post I have read this month has made me feel as if I would easily make friends with this woman. Plus, she’s adorable…that avatar photo is just perfect! I’m a sucker for a pretty girl in glasses!

Here’s where I met her: “I’m horny, but my body won’t let me masturbate”


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