Brigit's Favorite Things

Brigit’s Favorite Things (#11/2019)

It’s been a few weeks since I put out a “Share Our Shit” post. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been collecting quite a few favorites!

Too hot to fuck

I love how kisungura pulls three fabulous stories into one with her tale “23.” I have thoroughly enjoyed each one of these separately, but this was just like a cherry on top of a chocolate-frosted chocolate cupcake! Only creepier…

What a delicious morning from Pandora’s Box:


And then the delicious day that followed:

Acceptance… Part Two.

This photo from Kilted Wookie just spoke to me…it looked so peacful (if not a bit chilly) with a touch of longing for something. That horizon must hold some answers, right?

I love a nice pair of sock of fishnets…they are definitely a fetish of mine, but this image from Kinky and Perky is just so much more! I kept going back for just one more peek.

Similarly, this beautiful image “A Secret about a Secret” by Annie Savoy hit my “love of stockings” hot button.

[Photography] Someone. Somewhere.

Why I’m Okay With Consensual Non-Monogamy in Our D/s Relationship

[Life] When Never Means Never Again

These images from Indigo of Midnight at the Oasis were quite intoxicating. The colors and the movement and the setting just came together so perfectly to create just the right mood:

Erotic Spanking – the bottom line

This blogger is fairly new to me, but this particular post struck a cord with me. I’ve struggled at times with libido issues, and I can just feel the angst in “I’m scared to masturbate.”

There has been so much good writing and photography out there these past weeks (as always), and I can never keep up with it all. But, these are few that really grabbed me. I’ve been awfully busy this week, and have simply not had much time or energy to post, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been stalking everyone else every little moment I have to open up a browser on my phone.

Thanks for all the excellent content! You all make the internet a much sexier place to be.

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  • collaredmichael

    You’ve mentioned some of my favourite blogs here! High quality people who write well and truly interesting posts!!

  • kisungura

    Thanks so much for including my little trio Brigit, I appreciate it! Creepy cupcakes sound fun lol. Great collection of work, thank you for taking the time to compile it all xx

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