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7 Blogging Landmarks & 7 Future Blogging Plans

Landmark 1: When I started blogging, over ten years ago, I didn’t actually have a sex blog. It was just a “journal” style blog and I had zero followers. But that wasn’t the point. The point was simply to have a space where I could tag and categorize my thoughts. If I’d known about Evernote back then, I probably would have used that instead, but I didn’t, which means I made my way online and that was the first step to a very big world that I didn’t even really know existed. I had a few various blogs before I finally settled into one that lasted. I think, back then, I enjoyed designing them and planning for them more than I really wanted to write.

Landmark 2: Somewhere along the way I did a few blog posts on a swingers site I belonged to. These were my first online sex-related journal entries. I ended up copying and pasting these into posts for my first sex blog – The Lustful Literate. I added a few short erotic stories I’d written offline, and suddenly…I had a sex blog.

Landmark 3: Over several years, I built The Lustful Literate up. But I could never quite decide what I wanted it to grow up to be. Erotica? Personal experience? Book reviews? All of it? I was never quite satisfied with how it was turning out, and I added pages and linked it to other website projects, trying to figure out how best to divide and categorize my creative endeavors.

Landmark 4: I found Wicked Wednesday, Masturbation Monday, and Sinful Sunday. These memes helped me slowly build a bit of an audience. At some point during this phase, I took on the pseudonym Brigit Delaney.

Landmark 5: I stopped blogging for some time. Things in my marriage were stressful, and I just couldn’t full myself out of a funk long enough to find the desire to write.

Landmark 6: I bought my own domain and began self-hosting. This was a big step and took quite a bit of work (and a lot of help from Michael Knight/@domsigns). By January of 2018, I had a site I was proud of…a beautiful online home to host my writing, and I’d accepted that this home would be for all types of sexy creativity…that I didn’t have to just do reviews or just do erotica.

Landmark 7: I started The Erotic Journal Challenge. It was both terrifying and exhilarating to start my own meme, but I’m glad to see people joining in. By sharing the prompts on Twitter, I’ve gotten quite a few people to join in whose blogs are completely new to me, which is a very exciting thing. One of the things I love most about sex blogging is the writing community that we have all built. It grows and grows, and that is a very positive thing, especially in a social media climate that seems rather unwelcoming to those of us who share photos and writing of a sexual nature.

This blog has seen me through all sorts of changes, both personally and in my marriage. It has given me a way to voice my feelings when I couldn’t voice them to anyone else I knew. It gives me a place to be creative and share what I create with an audience who “gets it.”

So what are my future plans?

One: I’d like to do a few more reviews…books, lingerie, sex toys, etc.

Two: I’d like to add an erotica podcast/audio component to my website, where I read my stories/posts on a monthly or weekly basis. I know not everyone has time to read and not everyone has the ability, so this might make my content more accessible. Plus, I know for some people, simply hearing a voice is more human and easy to connect to than reading words on a screen.

Three: I’d like to continue working on my categories, diversifying and expanding, rather than narrowing, like I used to think was necessary. This will mean cleaning up my tags and making sure everything stays organized and easy to navigate.

Four: I’d like to learn more about SEO, build my audience, and expand my sex blogging empire (I will then, of course, need a crown and a really cool latex catsuit that makes me look bad-ass).

Five: I’d like to add more affiliates to my website. I’ve never wanted my site to be overloaded with ads or become cluttered in any way. I like it to be clean and clear and focused on the writing. I’m not here to sell things, but I would like to make money doing what I love most…writing. And I’d also like to support the companies I see doing good work.

Six: I’d like to publish in a few anthologies and begin sending my content out to other websites.

Seven: Ultimately, I’d like to stop my day job and write full-time. That’s my pipe dream.


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