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Eroticon or Bust

We are busy shopping, doing laundry, arranging childcare and pet care, packing, and basically just going a little nuts around the Delaney household as we prepare to leave this Tuesday from Seattle to London. It’s a long trip for us, and it’s been a long time since we took a vacation together.

Not only is it exciting for me to be heading to see “my people” at Eroticon, it’s also a celebration of sorts. After a rather long rough patch in our marriage, we are getting things back on track.

For the past two months, things have been peaceful. We’re getting along, communicating, and even though there are a few libido/health issues to contend with, we are finding our way back to our sex life. These first few months have mostly seen us tentative and routine, but the old needs and wants and desires are surfacing, as would be expected. We are, after all, unchanged at our roots. We still want the same things and need the same things. Those don’t go away. And now that we are stable again, it’s time to deal with that stuff.

There are still a lot of conversations to be had, but as I tend to write myself into clarity, I’m sure you’ll be privy to much of my internal dialogue. This is an exciting time…were old becomes new again and adventure awaits.

I’ll do my best to keep writing over this next week, but I’m sure you’ll see less of me until I get back. Rest assured, I’ll have plenty to share then.

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