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Brigit’s Favorite Things (#8/2019)

My three favorite stories this week were all pretty serious…but then, that doesn’t surprise me; I tend toward to the more literary.

This first one, by kisungura really knocked it out of the park for me. When I saw the prompt photo (from The Barefoot Sub) for this week’s Masturbation Monday, I was sent for a loop. It was so dark, and I wasn’t quite sure what to do with it. I made the (happy) mistake of coming across this story before I started even formulating a plan for my own possible response. K’s was so amazing, I just plain didn’t bother. Not because I’m particularly competitive, but because her story was so satisfying, I just wanted to let that be the story that went with the prompt. I even felt this could be turned into a novel. I would definitely read it!

Click HERE to read her story “Source“.

Dirty foot hanging from a rope with "virus detected" and biohazard symbol overlay
Original image from The Barefoot Sub and was used as the Masturbation Monday prompt for the week of March 25, 2019. The image was modified by K with permission.

Scandarella’s story was written for Masturbation Monday, too, and was also pretty dark…it’s a second part, so you’ll have to head back and read the first. I love the ending lines of this and the descriptions of what happens to people in hell. Scandarella is an amazing writer, and I am always drawn in by her characters.

Waking the Fallen

And finally, May More’s haunting piece. This one has been nibbling at the back of my brain all week. The dialect is impeccably written and the character just drew me in. This is another with a very powerful ending!

Catch the Catcher


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