“stars” – nookyeverafter

midnight at the oasis/Indigo – “concupiscence”

“double exposure” – I have loved you a long time

Not all maps are what they seem

Travel, Privilege, and Solo-Poly

Vulnerability and Connection

Blog spotlight:

This one is new to me (I love expanding my blog-reading world), but having read through just a few of her posts, I’m definitely confident recommending her blog to others. Her writing ability is sound, and her post topics are various and thoroughly interesting. I’m a fan of “clean” blogs…which means – not a ton of crap blinking and moving all over the place…banner ads and graphics, etc. I like an easy reading experience where the focus is the writing. This explains why I haven’t made the move to advertising and why I try to keep my widgets to a minimum and put them at the bottom of the blog rather than on the side. I like the uncluttered design of her site. And it’s pink. So there’s that. I like pink. 

His.minnie – My journey as a submissive

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