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Brigit’s Favorite Things (#6/2019) – The February Photofest Edition

Things I learned about myself from looking at everyone else’s FPF posts:

I love fishnets, stockings, socks, corsets, smiles, rose petals, red, ropes, and pale skin.

I prefer soft focus, bright colors, black and white, and close-up focused images.

I despise website navigation that forces me to click on every post to see the image…featured images are imperative for quick access to image posts within a category, in my opinion. A website needs category navigation! If I have to click on EVERY post in February to find an image, Ima gonna be rather annoyed. It took a little extra wine and cussing to get to some of the images in the list below. I’ll wager it was worth it, but it made me glad that my site has category navigation and features images (otherwise I would have added them immediately, having learned my lesson through experience).

February PhotoFest

I did not do an S.O.S.S. post during February…mostly because I was just hanging on a thread trying to keep up with all the memes and posting for February PhotoFest. Now that March is here, my plan is to finally settle into a more sane writing schedule, and my mantra is “Do less…better.” That means, you are likely to see fewer posts from me, but hopefully, what I do post will be the best quality writing I can provide…every time.

Anyhow, it was my plan to do an end of month S.O.S.S. that included the link to a favorite image from every February PhotoFest participant, so here goes:

Kilted Wookie – “Seated”
There is definitely a theme in KW’s photos, and seeing them altogether at the end shows it – a strong physique, both wet and dry…deliciously covered in hair.
Little Switch Bitch – Day 7
LSB’s images in red were seriously beautiful, and struck me every time she posted them, but this one just stuck with me. It’s powerful…the shoes, the corset, the colors, and the stance.
Master’s Pleasing Bitch – The touch of our hands
I see a lot of MPB’s focus on relaxation in her FPF photos this year…but I loved the focus of this one, both for the words, the theme, and the closeness to her body.
Focused and Filthy – Crossed Legs
Oh…those boots, though! I really had a hard time choosing between Flick, Anyone for Cricket, and this one. F&F just has such an array of tastefully done pieces of art photography that are all so very different.
May Moore – Corset
I must have a thing for corsets…and this one from May is beautiful! The sort of fuzzy edit lends it a vintage feel.
Love, Violet/Violet Fawkes – The Smell of Leather
The focus of these photos, with the front leading into a hazy frame puts the leather front and center. I felt like these photos, really told a story.
Rantings of a Nonsensical Mind/J. Lynn – All Smiles
I am seriously in love with this woman’s smile. Her FPF is comprised of quite a few up close selfies…and it was hard to pick, but this one… How could anyone say no to that smile?
Krystal Minx – White
KM’s breasts are a focal point of many of her photos…and for good reason…damn they are beautiful. But, even though it only shows up in a few of them, I’d say her smile definitely rivals their beauty.
Sassy Cat – Raven
Cat is not only sassy…she’s adorable and sexy too. This one highlights her luscious lips and boasts a cool edit that makes it look like a painting. Her Red Heat photo was a super close runner up to this one.
Midnight at the Oasis/Indigo – No. 24 Fingers (and Hands)
I am always struck by the artistic quality of Indigo’s photos. There is just and otherworldness about her images that makes me feel I have found the photos in an art book in an antique store…they are all so full of stories that yearn to be told.
Rebel’s Notes/Marie Rebel – Picking Roses
I love the colors of this one…the red petals and black stockings against her pale skin are so lovely. I had a hard time choosing between this one and Amazing Love.
Mx Nillin – More Reckless than Usual
I like how Mx Nillin’s photos usually accompany a post that uncovers some intimate part of their life. I love learning about people, and since Mx Nillin is new to me, FPF has really given me a chance to get to know them.
cleareyedgirl/eye – Day 20
Such a flirty image! And I simply love the black and white…the come hither look on her face…and those sexy tights!
Floss Does Life/Floss – Darling, I’m a Lady
I could have chosen so many of Floss’s images, but I love the vintage feel of this one and the suggestive sexiness of it. I imagine her in this one wearing pearls, red lipstick, and holding a cigarette. So classically sexy.
The Other Livvy – Quilt
The colors of this one, the soft focus, the books in the background, the sun streaming in…and oh… that super sexy lady in the middle of it all – just makes me want to join right in.
My Controlled Ascent/Kisungura – Plumage
Another seriously artful photo that belongs on a gallery wall. The black and white really works for this one, and I like how it focuses in on only one part, forcing the mind to fill in the rest.
Sexalicious – Loving Myself
Such an inviting smile amidst all those bubbles! And knowing there are things going on that we can’t see…ahhhhh!
Molly Moore – I want sin
Those shoes are insanely hot…and the lined stockings? Umpfh! Put that with the vintage edit, and this photo is simply amazing. I do say I had a hard time not choosing one of Molly’s sock photos…she has so many wonderful socks!
The Lexy Experiment – In a little hilltop village…
I really loved Lexy’s images this year, especially the ones she did with plants. I think the way she blended colors with natures very successfully. But, I loved this image the moment I saw it and never forgot it. I love the braids…those panties. It just looks so relaxed.
Toys for Sir – Day 22
Oh…that image just makes me want to be where she is…my feet up, blue water and sunshine. It’s just what I needed to see in the middle of this gloomy winter.
Temperature’s Rising – Mrs. Fever – Limbs
I am drawn to images that are subtle and leave something to the imagination, drawing my mind to picture the parts that are missing. This one does just that…a very interesting focus.
Love is a Fetish/nikki – Curves
This pose – on her knees in lace panties and heels – is always a sexy thing to see, and nikki does it so well. Very artistically done.
Annie Savoy – Love is a great beautifier
The curves and creases and hills and valleys of the human form has been captured for hundreds of years in sculpture and art and photography. This photo from Annie Savoy shows why.
Purple’s Gem – Wax On, Wax Off
This is some gorgeous, colorful wax work and it looks so beautiful following the curves of her body. She also has some amazing rope work photos, as well.
Steeled Snake – More Red
I love the perspective on this photo, the clarity of her hair, and the fuzzy vision of her body in the background. It’s ethereal.
A Dissolute Life Means/Hyacinth Jones – I have mixed feelings
I am inspired by Hy’s vulnerability and that she shares such an intimate picture of her life. Her images this year were a perfect pairing with her words. This one is an especially pretty picture of her backside.
the devil’s in the details – One
It was a tough toss up between one and two, but I went with one because I love the image of her looking out the window, the brightness as a frame for her body.
Pens and Needles – Black and Pink
Ink is an apt name for the author of this blog…her ink is delicious…and her photos are wonderful. I especially liked this one for the colors…the pink of the corset just pops against her skin.
A Sexual Being/Kayla Lords – All Tied Up
The editing of this photo really makes the colors of the ropes really stand out. And the rope work is sexy, indeed on a very sexy subject.
Megan Ashley – Cherries
Not only are the red fishnets and the cherry-print teddy just adorably sexy, Megan’s signature glasses and red lips and smile just pull the whole thing together into one very sexy photographic package.
Dr. Vixenne – Cozy Femme
I like the perspective in this one…looking down at her, her eyes closed…she looks peaceful and feminine and open.
No Pants Endurance – Friendship February
This guy’s mantra must be some variation of “rock out with your cock out.” He cracks me up, and I find joy in his images. I simply picked his first image, because I wasn’t sure which to pick…they’re all so fun.
I couldn’t find a title for this one, but this is day 22 – the fishnets and the soft colors and the relaxed post are all things that drew me to this one.
bluesubmission – Tangled Up In Blue
Wow! There is some impressive rope work in bluesubmission’s FPF photos. This one is just so cool…not only because it is unique, but also because of the intense colors. Just gorgeous.
Lascivious Lucy
This is some very cool lingerie. I’m not sure if I would call this a corset…or a garter…but it is fascinating and I could definitely use one.
A Leap of Faith – Every mile will be worth my while
This is gorgeous! That amber corset is a jewel on that fishnet-covered body…and the coy glance in that beautifully framed mirror…umpfh!
Miss Scarlet – Naked By The River
I’ve noticed many of Miss Scarlet’s images are in nature or outside. I plan to take a few more this way, as well. It just adds such a sense of peace to the image. In this one, she looks like wood nymph. It’s adorable.
Pieces of Jade – COMING SOON…. I still can’t reach her website as of 3/3/2019.


AMAZING job everyone! Let’s meet back here, same place, same time next year!

And thanks so much to Molly Moore for hosting this fabulous party!

Other Images:

Branded (My Controlled Ascent – Kisungura)

Ruby’s Birthday Party (Purple’s Gem)

Dirty White


Dream Bunny – Life of Elliott

Icy Fingers

My cunt is art

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  • Missy

    Thank you so much for including my posts Brigit and also for such a thorough roundup of the Photofest images. I didn’t take part but have enjoyed seeing them and your summary if the highlights is great. ?

  • Focused and filthy

    What a comprehensive list! And thanks for pointing out some great images I’d missed too. I’m pleased you struggled to chose one of mine – I do try and mix it up a bit.
    Thanks for including me.

  • Kayla Lords

    I love your mantra going forward. I’ve had to remind myself of that a few times. There’s something to be said for producing a lot of work at once, but it’s also a GREAT thing to produce less work that’s really good. And I have no doubt you will.

    Glad you enjoyed that image. And I agree, featured images for the win.

  • kisungura

    Thanks so much Brigit for including my picture and post, and for taking the time and effort to collate such a fantastic collection for us all, I’m really grateful and look forward to revisiting favourites and finding ones I missed almost your recommendations xx

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