TMI Tuesday 2/12/2019

The State of Happy

1. Do you like where you live or do you wish you could move?

Yes…for the most part. I love the region. The Pacific Northwest is extremely beautiful. I have instant access to the mountains and the ocean, as well as lakes and rivers. There’s a lot of opportunity to get out in nature, and I am surrounded by green year-round. Washington is an odd state politically, though, and I could do without that aspect.

2. No matter what life throws at me, I believe that I can deal with it. Agree or Disagree?

Once again, I’d answer, Yes…for the most part. I’m a pretty strong person, and while I may fall apart initially, I eventually get my shit together, realizing that I only have so many choices…and giving up isn’t one of them.

3. A dear friend is stuck in an unhappy relationship. What advice would you give to the friend to cope–how can they make lemonade out of lemons?

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If I had a friend in an unhappy relationship, I’d tell them I’m here if they want to talk…otherwise, it isn’t my business and I’m not about to advise someone who hasn’t asked. If, however, my friend were to ask me…”What do I do?” I’d say, “Do you love him/her enough to work through the bullshit?” If the answer is yes…then I’d tell them to get a counselor and do it. If the answer is no or I don’t know, then I’d say, get out. Life is too short to live an unhappy life without love.

4. Nothing of value can be learned from failure. True or False?

So fucking FALSE. Failure is a huge part of learning, and without it we don’t grow. Related image

5. Even if you are sure about your ultimate choice, do you still ask others for advice before making an important or risky decision?

I pretty much run all my big decisions by my husband. He’s my best friend and sounding board, so even if I think I know what I’m going to do, or if I disagree with his advice, I still get something from talking it through with him. Sometimes I ask others, too, depending on the choice I am trying to make. I seek out people who have experience with the thing I am deciding. I get feedback, reviews, opinions. And if the decision only impacts me, I am the one who ultimately makes the final decision. If it impacts others, I take into account their opinions and try to make the best decision for all of us.

Bonus: What is the sweetest or rewarding moment in your life?

The sweetest and most rewarding moment of my life was the day my son was born. Hands down. No question.

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