February PhotoFest 2019,  Mr. D's Sinful Sunday,  Photography

Presenting (Sinful Sunday & FPF #24)

“Get up on your hands and knees.”

“Like this?” I inquired.

As he guided the camera on its tripod, he asked me, “What would you do with your body if I asked to be ready for me?”

I arched my back a bit, and leaned forward some.

“No…if I were going to stick my cock into you…what would you do, how would you be…you’d push your hips into the air…”

“Oh…I get it…”

I leaned as far down as I could, pressing my face into the quilt, arching my back until it almost hurt, pushing my hips into the air.

He guided my legs apart so that my pussy was exposed. I could feel the cool air from the ceiling fan, and it made those warmest parts of me tingle.

“That’s what you’d do.”

And I heard the camera click.

I consider this bed to be like an island…on it, the rest of the world goes away…the stress, the shit, the to do’s. This is where I go to simply let the world melt away. There is no TV in our bedroom, only quiet. We go here to sleep and to make love and to fuck. That is all.


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