• February PhotoFest 2019,  Photography

    FPF Day 22 – Red Wine and Carrion

    “One should always be drunk. That’s all that matters…But with what? With wine, with poetry, or with virtue, as you chose. But get drunk.” ― Charles Baudelaire I’ll admit that I like more than red wine. In fact, I like gin and tonics, margaritas (on the rocks), champagne, cider, and beer. But…red wine has been a favorite, and a staple, for a long time. When I went to college (years and years ago), I was pretty much a light beer drinker. I didn’t know a lot about alcohol, other than I liked how it made me feel. A boyfriend I had in college helped me to learn about wine, and eventually,…

  • February PhotoFest 2019,  Photography

    FPF Day 21 – Handfuls

    Before I got pregnant, I had smallish breasts (As until I gained enough weight to finally earn myself some Bs). I could easily get away with wearing no bra, even going out in public. It made wearing spaghetti straps and dresses that required no bra pretty easy, even though I was much too conservative in my style to wear such things in public then anyway. Now, 12 years after that pregnancy, I have pleasant Cs. But they do “weird” things. Depending on how warm or cold I am or how turned on, sometimes they sag a bit, and other times they are full and sit high. Regardless of their condition,…

  • February Photofest 2018,  Photography

    FPF Day 20 (and LiFE) – “Purple”

    I’m not sure which is my favorite, red or purple (aside from black, that is). Against my skin, jewel tones are pretty much the only way to go, otherwise, I just look washed out…or worse, dead. And that’s not sexy. This little number that I ordered from Yandy, though, is pretty great. It fits well and is comfortable, which I can’t say of most lingerie. Back when I ordered several of these outfits for Mr. D, making sure to pick up several with garter straps and thigh highs, since that is a love of his, I ended up with a few that just could not be worn. The drawback of plus-sized lingerie is…

  • Experience

    What I hate about porn

    I was astonished by the sheer size of his cock as he walked toward her. Even flaccid, it reached his mid-thigh, bouncing between his legs as he moved…back and forth…hypnotizing me. I couldn’t help but giggle and asked, “Trent…is that for real?” “Yeah, this dude’s known for it. He’s like the new Ron Jeremy,” he responded, eyes glued to the screen, just as interested in what would happen next as I was. The woman’s gigantic breasts rode too high on her chest, obviously fake. They were perfectly round, like cantaloupes, and looked about as firm, the nipples dark pink against her spray-tanned skin and very erect. “They’re a perfect match,…

  • February PhotoFest 2019,  Photography

    FPF Day 19 – “In Bed”

    I woke up this morning and got ready…but something just didn’t feel right. I got in the car and drove to work…but I began to feel dizzy and light-headed. Not the best conditions for driving, I know. And finding someone to sub for me on such short notice wasn’t easy. But I managed, came back home, had some toast to settle my stomach, and went back to bed…for hours. This is me, upon wake-up, the sun shining in telling me it’s ridiculous to still be sleeping at this hour…after all, I have things to do. But those things can wait, yet another day. And this had better just be a fluke. I don’t have…

  • February PhotoFest 2019,  Photography

    FPF 18 – “Red”

    I’m a big fan of photo editing software. There is so much you can do to a photo these days, with just a phone and a free app. One of my favorites is Pixlr. But, I also really like Painnt. The edits they offer are very artistic, and many are quite beautiful. This one added a lot of red and yellow tones, but it looks like something that could be on a canvas. Too bad I can show my face. I took a few this day that turned out amazing and lent themselves perfectly to this type of edit. But…alas…anonymity is still necessary for me.

  • My EJC Responses

    4 Sexual “Likes” I Don’t Like to Talk About

    (Warning: Rape as fantasy is referenced in this post.) This week’s Erotic Journal Challenge prompt is “Distress.” Guiding Questions: Do you now find, or have you ever found, anything distressing or uncomfortable about your sexual thoughts, fantasies, desires, or actions? Is there anything that you want or need that you have trouble asking for or are reticent to admit because it makes you blush? Have you had any experiences that have caused you embarrassment? It’s important to note, the way I came up with the questions for this challenge was to research the possibilities and add them to my own ideas. I then typed them all out, cut them apart,…

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