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FPF Day 9 – Goddess

I actually posted this photo for last year’s February Photofest 2018, when I was focusing on the theme of “parts of my body I don’t like.” I wanted to re-post it for a few reasons. One, because I don’t dislike this photo at all. In fact, I think it’s a rather flattering shot, and even though I haven’t learned to love that mommy-tummy, I have come to terms with it. This is part of me now…a part that made me a mother, which is a big part of who I am now. I’m not just me…a daughter…a wife…a lover. I’ve given life. And that life has, in turn changed mine forever…and continues to do so.

The other thing is that just because I became a mother doesn’t mean that my sexual identity ended. In fact, even though I very much struggled with merging my roles at the beginning of motherhood, I’m beginning to realize, a mere 11 years in, that motherhood actually adds a different flavor to my sexuality. I think it has made me softer, more pliant, and stronger. There is an elastic to my body and my being that didn’t exist before I was a mother. There also was not the protective ferocity that exists now to protect my child…or the fear that I cannot.

This photo reminds me of images I have seen of the fertility goddess. Full-breasted, naked, strong, and proud. And it is evidence of my changing self-concept.

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By Brigit Delaney

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  1. I love everything about this post. Firstly you look fantastic but also the fact that the way you feel about the way your body has changed is really powerful. To have such a strong self image and link the way you look to how otherhood has changed you is so significant. Such a positive post ?

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