So this is not something I post on my blog often…full on (even reflected) shots of my most private. I’m even more open about my private emotions than I am about my showing photos of my vagina. I’m not sure why that is…maybe I fear that if I show photos likes this, they will be seen more as porn than as art, and since art is goal, I shy away from going this far.

At first, when I began considering my theme for this year’s FPF, I thought this would be my final shot…the big bang…the most revealing thing I could show. But, instead, I’ve decided to embed it, to take away its place as “crowning glory” of my “nakedness,” because really, this is not the most private part of me.

And besides, it would mean not taking any other photos of myself in this way, which I think I plan to do. So, rather than saving it until the end, here it is, in all of its mirrored and partially covered glory.

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6 Replies to “FPF Day 5 – My most naked reflection”

  1. Such a beautiful and tempting photo, the mirror creating a unique singularity, really a piece of art!!!!!! ???

  2. Very artistically done! It wasn’t like *bam* here it all is. I do hope you are proud of this photo. It shows the thought and care you put into this piece as well.

  3. I’m in a similar dilemma about whether to share a similar photo. I’ve not done so before on my blog or twitter and not sure whether it’s a line I want to cross. Probably for similar reasons too – is it art? Maybe you’ve just made me feel brave enough to share. Thank you x

    1. It’s always been a tough one for me. I think I’ve shown one other similar image, but I’ve never gone this far. It took a leap of faith.

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